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Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods

All the True Basic programs in the text have been converted by Tsuguhiro Tamaribuchi to C based on the GrWin Library for graphics. The GrWin Library is a library of graphics routines for Fortran and C developed specifically on Windows 2000/NT/9x (x86) platforms using GNU-Win32 and VC++. The latest version (lGrWnXXX.tgz) is available via anonymous ftp along with the associated documentation. Download all the converted programs.

True BASIC Fortran 77/90 C/C++
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Download all programs in Gould and Tobochnik. binhex format, tar format (updated 20 March 1997).

These listings are copyrighted and are for educational use only. We do not claim that there are no bugs in these programs. If you find a problem, please tell us and we will place the corrected version here.

The True Basic listings require a True Basic program to run.

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