Summary of Emacs commands

To enter emacs and read file: type emacs < filename>

C- = control character
M- (meta) = Escape key pressed first

Useful commands

M-f next word M-b previous word
C-a beginning of line C-e end of line
C-kdelete line (starting from cursor) C-ddelete next character after the cursor
C-y restore (yank) line C-x i insert (file)
M-< top of file M-> bottom of file
C-v next screen M-v previous screen
C-s search M-x and then type "goto-line"
C-x C-s save file C-x C-c quit emacs
C-z suspend emacs (fg to restore) C-x C-wsave file to different name

C-x i looks for a file in the same directory as the file you are editing. If sending mail, directory would be /tmp. If you want to insert a file from your home directory, delete '/tmp/' and type '~/filename'.

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