The Fassett Letters - Letter #1
Date: 2/8/1852
Place: Circleville, O.
From: N.C. Fassett
To: Father
Circleville, O. February 8th /52
Dr Father
                                                                       I arrived here safe but tired evening of same day I left Home. Miss D & M do not want me to leave them, but tis too late now I had intended to get away from here as soon as this time but they insisted on my staying as long as I possibly could. I have concluded to stay untill last of next week say 20 inst. can you send to Columbus for me one week from next Saturday (which will be 21st inst.) I will be in Col by Daylight Morning of 21st and will not want to leave before noon. I suppose you can send and have the team go home same day please let me hear from you in regard to it so I can make my arrangements in time to write you. There is a man here who talks of going with me to drive team &c. Give my Love to all. hoping to see you soon

                                                                                I am as ever Your Afft Son
                                                                                                                        N.C. Fassett

P. S.
                   I shall have a good sized trunk

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