The Fassett Letters - Letter #13

Date: 8/8/1853
Place: [Placerville]
From: Ann
To: Mother and all

  Aug 8, 1853
          Dear Mother and all,

                                          I have hardly time to write a few lines that you may know we are all well. the mail is due this evening and I hope to hear that you and Father are home & all well. We were glad to hear from you at Vermont, & would like to know about the visit with Fathers girl. (Father wasnt Mother just the least bit jealous. Say. I wont tell.) the idea that mother wanted to see her because Aunt Sally loved her pleased me not a little. I hope & think the journey has been a great help to Mother, and think if she could come here it would pretty near or quite cure her. Chit is well and doing well, wish you could step in & eat some of the noblest watermelons you ever saw with him. only 6 bits & a dollar apiece, but then a dollar is nothing here. I can earn one in an hour at washing ironing baking or sewing. I can take a school here and make 20 dollars a week. the common price here is a dollar per week for every scholar. If it was not for baking I would teach and take the children with me. I wish Jane or Sarah were here to make their pile. My health is excellent. I never worked as hard in my life. Parker and I make 30 & 40 dollars per week. we are all very well. the children grow fast. Dwight saved $9.00 & bought 5 chickens, and now he has $3.00 more laid up. he says he would like to buy all of Uncle Israel’s chickens at Ohio prices, then sell them here at our prices, “would’nt I make money Mother.” he says we would buy a farm then go & bring you all out here. says Father ought to brought Grandma Germain with us. we have watermelons from July till Nov. I never saw as good anywhere. vegables grow so quick they are very sweet & tender. write often all of you. I will try and write a little every month. Love to all, everybody. Good bye I’m in a great hurry.
Yours, Ann.          

[The following is upside down at the top of the page.]

Eggs are from 2 to 3 dollars per doz. now. in the winter 6.

[The following is sideways on the back of the page.]
I send you a Baptist paper.

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