The Fassett Letters - Letter #15

Date: 3/27/1854
Place: Placerville Cala
From: Chitttenden
To: Mrs. C. H. Fassett
 Placerville Cala March 27th 1854
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                           Granville, Ohio
                                                      Dear Mother
                                                                                                          I am this morning trying to get a letter finished for you. I have commenced so many I do not know how I shall succeed. I am not always hurried with business yet to make anything here am obliged to do as much of the work as possible myself. Hence not much rest as when my hands are idle my head must work. I cannot express my thanks to you for your frequent and welcome favors to Ann with always some kind wish for my welfare. I can hardly excuse myself for not writing more to you as well as my friends who have been so kind as to write me frequently and without my answering more than one in half a dozen. I am glad you have left Johnstown although you have so many kind friends there. but I could never think a home in such a nest of friendly neighbors as you had there, so desirous of assisting they could not help but interest themselves in your business of all small evils natural to the human family that I think the greatest. If I can arrange my business here so I can visit you this summer or fall I shall do so. I have Wm Hale here and hope to get my affairs so shaped as to have three or four months – I will write more about it as soon as I decide when I can come best. Sarah I understand from your last letter has been building a Castle in the air. I do not know him but hope he may be worthy his Castle and wish them a long and happy life. I buy my goods in San Francisco, and am there very frequently and always when Steamers are leaving for home (as all call it here) the States I cannot help but wish I was going. still I am so much engaged I might loose a great deal by 3 or 4 months abscence. How would look John and Father look Plowing corn hoeing potatoes, dressing Flax &c. I will write to Father by next mail. How did he leave his dues in Johnstown. Jane must not attempt to teach school untill she has entirely recovered her health. I suppose Ann will write all the news.
                                                                 My Love to all.
                                                                                            Your Afft Son

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