The Fassett Letters - Letter #18

Date: 11/6/1854
Place: New York
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Father
New York    Nov 6 1854
                Dear Father
                     We sail to day, on
Steamer “George Law,” which connects at the isthmus with the John L. Stevens. We are well & Chittenden has found 2 or 3 old Californians with whom we shall go in company.
                                                                                                  Business is good here at
present & Wall street feeling better than a few months since.
Broadway is as thronged every day but Sunday
as if they had some “State fair.”
I have been to see several places of note among which is the “Crystal Palace,”
Brookly hights Exchange, Washingtons old head quarters & many others. Chit sends by B W Brooks of Columbus 3 Dagaureotypes the largest one for Mother, & one for Aunt Sallie & Aunt Delia. It is quite cool here & he needs your overcoat so takes it along.
Breakfast is ready & I must close. will write at the isthmus.
Love to all, excuse Chit, To dark to see the lines And we are so busy have no time to write more. Uncle Elias’ folks all well.
Yours Truly
H. H. Fassett

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