The Fassett Letters - Letter #23
One sheet ~16” x 10” folded in half to make 4 pages.

Date: 5/14/1855
Place: Placerville
From: Ann [Fassett Germain] and Harris H. [Fassett]
To: Mother and Father
Placerville May 14th /55.
Dear Mother,
                   Clara says “write to Grandma that I am a real smart girl, can carry a pail of water, and go down to the shop, or any place,” and here it is word for word. She has not learned to sew yet (as I had no time to devote to her) but would like to learn of you. She is a homely child but ‘mighty smart.’ She has learned her letters herself, without help, and spells words of 3 letters. Parker says there is no need of sending her to school as she will learn in spite of us. We would send her this summer if I could spare her but she must tend baby. Guy does not know all his letters yet. Parker wanted Clara to learn him, but she boasts so much of her superior knowledge that he gets angry and wont learn. When I told him that Willie had beat him he cried and said “because Faler wont let me go to school” and we let him commence the day he was seven years old, May 1st the school had a picnic in the woods, crowned a Queen, sung songs, spoke pieces, &c. Dwight spoke 2 pieces. Mrs Cole says he spoke very well and was much applauded. He is now attending a childrens singing school preparing for a concert. the school is free, but the teacher has the proceeds of the concert. the little girls sell the tickets, and the one that sells the most draws a prize. The last prize was a gold chain and locket valued at 30,00. Mr & Mrs Harker and their children visited us last week. They expect to start for Ohio the 16th of this month or the first of next month. I enjoyed the visit very much, and on my own account would wish to have her stay here. I dont know as I shall ever visit you now I have so many children, but I do think some of you might come and see me. I was so anxious to have Jane come with the boys, and now Harris wishes her here. her health would be much better and I would be so happy. Parker says if Mr Castle is the right kind of a man they will be here in a few years and I can live near Sarah. they could make money here

Begin p. 2

District school teachers get 80,00 per month. Her namesake, little Sarah wants to see her too. she cries every day and will for a year to come if she dont see her. I expect a note of thanks from Sarah and a scolding from Jane, but can only say to Jane that I wanted the compliment returned. I do not like Sary Jane or I would put the two names together. Jane must be patient, and wait.
Our babe is a strong healthy child, and we hope it will be spared to us. We call it Sarah more particularly for Sister Sarah, but we thought of Grandma & Aunt Sally. I feel quite well, but not very strong. Parker has been doing the work for 2 months and a half but has gone to the tunnel today (Monday) and I am doing the work. I have not been in a neighbors house for nearly 3 months but think I should start out before many days if you lived near. I am not going to do any work but my own this summer. we have a cow that will earn my money for me. She gives 3 gallons daily, of the very best milk, and we sell 10 qts per day at 122 cts per qt. D and G peddle the milk and we let them put the money in their own purses, very proud they are, to pay their own school bills and buy their clothes. We have been making our own butter but can make more to sell the milk and buy butter. One week we sold seven dollars worth of milk and made 42 lbs butter. The cow cost 130,00. Myself and some of my neighbors miss the Recorder. I send you some papers that Chittenden pays for and gives me. he said he thought they were Baptist papers when he subscribed for them. I am sorry Jane did write what I should buy for Clara, but suppose she forgot it. I do not know where that negro is have not heard of him since last summer. I hope to hear in your next letter that Mary’s babe is better. Aunt Sally’s letter was excellent. Chitt says he should known who wrote it if she had not signed her name. I would like to write to her and others if I could. kiss Willie for me. Tell the children all to write as often as they can. Tell Father it would do his heart good to see how well I am. Parker says he never saw me as healthy as I am here. Oh Mother I have so many blessings, may I be truly thankful. but I must say good bye, with very much love to all. Ann.

[The following is upside down at the top of the first page in Ann’s handwriting.]

Father sill see that Mother Germain gets Dwight’s letter.

Begin p. 3 in Harris’ handwriting.

May 14 1855
            Dear Mother
                                         As you still continue to write me oftener than any one else you shall be the most favored in respect to answers. Tell the children that as I am writing this can see the untutored Indians from my window arrained in battle, and just now saw some of them carrying of the Killed & wounded. they came within a few rods of where I am sitting. Chittenden has gone down to the other store is well, We have just been getting a large lot of goods and are quite full of business of course. I think we sell as many or more goods than any other house in the city the third in size in Cala. And you may imagine that I can only write by piecemeal when I tell you I have the controll of one store do most all the selling, Hale does the same to the other & with Chit B for an outsider, runner & buyer & one packer with 3 mules and a jack we have lively times. and if it had not have been for Chittendens being at the Bay for the last two weeks should have written you much more but as it was had’nt time.
The last letter we received from you guess you forgot to tell us any news. hope for more next time. Have not been homesick since I left but would like much to see you all, but as that cannot be for the present dont see why you cant all write at least a few lines once in awhile. My love to all the family friends & relatives.
Yours Harris

Begin page 4

     Dear Father,
                           Never having received a letter from you since I left home last I write this in hopes you will ans the same, and tell me what you are doing how getting along and if you still like living on the farm how the pacing horses Nell & her Colts, the cattle &c & so on are all doing If I had as good a colt here as the Ball Morgan & he could make 2.40 could get a fortune for him dont sell him sure, at least as long as you want a horse, and then if you want to, give me the refusal. Germain is doing well now & Chit also is making money. I am with him and if nothing happens shall make enough in a few years for a good start in the world. As I advised you before I left home, I would I think buy new land as much as I could for the money you got for the Johnstown property it is safe in land, but in banks, stocks, on stock one cannot tell where it will go to as soon as I get money ahead mean to put it into land sure. Tell Castle if he would come to this country and go into business on a rancho he could make $5, to where he is making one now & if at any time he will come & does not to wish to live alone providing the sunday law is not passed will go into business with him.
Tell him will write more fully soon
Give my love to Grand mother & Uncle E. & Ts families also Jeffs & obige
Your aff son                      

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