The Fassett Letters - Letter #28

Date: 5/8/56?
Place: Placerville
From: Chittenden
To: Father

Placerville May 2d 185[6]                      
Doc H Fassett
                        Granville Ohio
                                                 Dear Father
                                                                                                              First of all accept my thanks for your long letter the contents carefully noted. I shall remit you a small draft by next mail. I have sent you a Lithographic view of Placerville which please have framed as I wish it preserved. I sent one to “E Fassett 18 Wall St New York” but cannot write him by this mail. The view shows but a small part of the town, as it is built in the ravines and consequently cannot all be seen from any point I was up to see Ann and Lydia this forenoon are all well and in good spirits. Children all looking finely Germain is mining and Trueman is teaming for us (F & Co) as usual my time is all occupied but in the course of two months expect to have more leisure. Trueman says he thinks I will as he never knew a man but was just going to have plenty of time. I saw Gill Granger in San Francisco last week he was waiting there for his Brother who was on his way to that city with a drove of Cattle. He was looking well and I think likes the country pretty well. Doc Carothers and family were well a few days since. I intended visiting them last week but could not do so. I have given Harris an interest in the store as he has no doubt written you he is very attentive and industrious I cannot think John and Mary do right about writing. I never have had a word either of them. If it was not for Mothers letters I do not know what we would do for home news I intend writing to Jane next mail The mail from the states will be here to night, but too late to answer letters coming by it. I am glad that Mr Dunlevy and family are going to settle on the farm permanently this spring please give the my kindest regards I should like much to make you another visit but cannot think of doing so at present next year I may. we expect to get the county seat removed to this place in a few days if we do I may sell part of my property. I have more than I occupy and if I can get a good price shall sell, a part. We have had delightful weather all last winter and are now haveing about such as you usually have at this season of the year. your last letter makes us shiver nearly. there has not been a day this last winter that we have kept our doors shut. I have had so many interruptions I fear this will be rather uninteresting letter. My love to all friends
Yours Truly

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