The Fassett Letters - Letter #31

Date: 9/1/1856
Place: Placerville
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Family at home
Placerville Sept 1st 1856          
                                  Dear Family at Home
                                                                    How do you all do at home this first of Autumn. again how are your crops, your stock, the fruits, & more than all the rest your health. Am sorry to hear of Johns poor health but hope ere this reaches you he will be fully recovered. You write in your last wishing to know when you may look for us home as for myself can say do not know. Nor would I hazard a guess for Chitt – or Ann. Much as we would wish to see you unforseen circumstances are such that it is impossible for us to return at present, but none of us but will come as soon as can I assure you
     As to answering directly any questions that were in your last cannot as have not seen it since it came and have so much else to think of get no room for extras or sentiment.
                          Our business is fair as good as any ones in the City. Still do not know how are going to come out hope all right. As if you have rec our other letters before you have heard Chitt is not in the Grocery business but Hale & myself are together. Germain still running a tunnel I think are into good pay or will be in a few days.
          Hav’nt seen anything of Geo Morrow. Recd a letter from James this mail will answer soon. Has Jane & Sarah left home & if so where are they.
          Chittenden and his partner in the dust business have just completed a fine fire proof brick building where C- & I done business. and will move in as soon as the plastering drys. We have now in town either completed or in process of construction some 30 or 40 Brick (fire proof) and hope to never be as clean swept again. The Town now begins to look some like a city again and one feels much more contented now than when no roof covers them and goods are continually wasting. Now if Ann does not write all the news I do not know as this will pay for taking out, as I cannot think of the first item. The long dry season is most over & if we should have another 52 winter may make up for lost time if not can only hope for the best The nights are getting quite cool now. Cannot you occasionally send me some Newark Papers. I shall certainly be very much obliged if you would do so.
                                                                   Write soon all of you. am much obliged to Mother for her so continually Keeping up a correspondence and hope all of you will follow the same plan. Father write us a few lines too as you cannot tell how much we prize yours. Good night Willie, Harry, Mary, & John Love to all
Yours Truly H. H. Fassett              

[The following is written vertically over the horizontal text on the first page.]

                 Tell Uncle Elias folks we think often of them & hope they will all continue to do well and should be glad to hear from them soon. Also remember us all to Uncle Th’s folks Grandmothers & Uncle Israels family and any other or all relatives and friends you may see and Father how comes on the horses & Peter the Cattle and Rolls and who will break the Colt Oh! I like to anyhow.
Cant write any more Good Night Harris

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