The Fassett Letters - Letter #34

Date: 12/10/1856
Place: Placerville
From: Harris
To: Miss Jane Fassett
Placerville Dec 10th 1856     
                                          Miss Jane Fassett
                                                             Dear Sister
I’ve resolved & re‑
resolved, and resolutely wholly & solely that from this time I would resolve to write you a line and so from resolutions of such a nature I have finaly began to you with the firm determination to finish this (let it be what it may) by next mail. So if Items should be few and interruptions many be not disappointed or think not you are not as much thought of as any or that I could think of much to interest you in the midst of promiscuous conversation & the numerous stops for the purpose of dealing out “Grub” ie Provisions Ah! Jane this is a queer world. its changing all the time even if I were to return to my own native place and live with you again youd no doubt find me sadly changed. and you might wish me far away again. Still my fondest anticipations centre around home and the pleasantest hours I have spent are in contemplation of the moment when I shall return and meet you all at home. I often draw the picture in imagination but when in reality it will be cannot cannot say (More “Poco Tempe,”

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December 18th              
            Well, Miss Jane, you see how it is the mail closes here for the Atlantic states to night & I must finish this any how immediately or not for another 2 weeks. I sent you & CH Frisbie some papers last mail, and hope when you send any more you’ll try and put up more than one little one at a time.
Chittenden left here
for the Bay yesterday he has been stopping down there for the last month and I think will make it his home there after this. that is his intention now at least while he remains in Cala. Ann still lives on the hill next door out of town & Germain is teaming for us. Judd Carpenter was elected state Senator from this county for the session commencing 1st Jan’y and I think he will make a visit to America next spring. Hale & I are getting along after the old sort trying hard any how, to make money, may succeed, hope too.
                                  Now as for any more news I dont know as I can rake the least item unless I say this morning was a beautiful one & now afternoon is cloudy and may rain anytime. In the rainy season you can always expect rain, and not be disappointed often either. But then when it’s dry, it is dry and no mistake. dust a foot deep and hot as a Dutch Oven. No chance to grumble about things not being well cooked as you would then be thankful for anything 2 done. The sun will cook you without you are careful and keep on a broad sombrero.

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          But then the nights reconcile one to any kind of day for they are cool & delightful. Just fancy yourself under the heat of 120o or 130o of Farh through one day and then a night such a one as you might sleep with comfort in a room shut up and one or 2 coverlids. Ah! it’s delicious, and how often I mourn that any one is compelled to suffer as you are obliged to in the summer nights with no possibility of relief.
                                                                                                                 Well Miss Jane I suppose you are enjoying yourself very much. Attending concerts Parties &c &c “rechere affairs” no doubt, and an endless round of pleasure most pleasant phantasies. You’ll see the folly of them some day I have’nt though & would like to be with you and see if any real enjoyment can be reaped at such places by one who has been forced to eschew all such for a long long time
                                                                                                                 If such a thing should happen to you as any one’s enquiring “pro or con” me tell them I’m “in statu quo,” and send my Love or Respects according to sex. and that if they should happen any where around these parts they must call in & see me, & I will promise they shall receive the best of attention, and the victuals; (well I’m a little delicate about self praise for I cook them) shall be of first quality and prepared according to the latest french style. Bravo you say, bravo. I think whenever I wash the dishes, Yes, Jane I wash DISHES, every day. Ahem! methinks I hear you say wash dishes, pretty washing I guess. But then we have to eat off them sure.

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               To night I intend to call on a young widow but do not expect you will get her for a sister for she & I would not like to exchange our present state. Poor Woman she owes Chittenden & I some 200$. and I want to Dun her whew. Yes she kept a Hotel here and retired from the business in our debt for Groceries & provisions. Ah! Jane if that woman hadn’t have shed a few tears and told how sad her lonely lot I should not have been her creditor.  Oh! when a woman weeps who can turn from them without giving some relief, that has a shadow of a heart.
My tooth is a little
achey for a day or two hope it will quit & stay quit too.
“Remember me when this you see
Altho’ absent from my sight
And I will do the same by you
With pleasure & delight.”                          Shakespeare
Wright=  write & soon write me a long useful & interesting letter concerning all the good folks, news, items, love, marriages &c etc with which you are concerned or hear of & believe me
Yours most loving devoted Brother
To Miss Jane Fassett
                                 Columbus Ohio                                                 Harris Harding Fassett Esq
      “until we meet again”                                                                                             “in full”
                              Good Bye

[The following is written on the first page vertically at the top left corner.]

Wm sends his most devoted to you & his Columbus acquaintances Yours entirely

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