The Fassett Letters - Letter #38

Date: September 16 [1857]
Place: Placerville
From: Ann
To: Mother

Placerville Sept 16
Dear Mother,
                   Jane’s welcome letter of Aug 9 with a few lines from Sarah and yourself, was brought to me about an hour ago by Harris. he read it to me while I ironed and then such a chat as we had about “home” and the dear ones there. He has just left, and I have put away a wash-tub, packed full of clothes for some future time and taken my pen to converse with you.
Am very sorry you have been disappointed about a letter, as we thought we had been punctual. I have not written many times this summer but sent one (I think in July) when H– could not from the way you write think you did not get it. We are still here, but have moved down on the street near H–, Expect to leave about the first of Oct. You know we had sold our house on the hill and it was wanted. I am unusually busy this week, have an all day visit promised for tomorrow (Thursday) at Mr. Cole’s, in the evening, ironing, Friday, Saturday’s baking to do, & if Parker gets here (home) Friday eve, we intend going to Mr Lee’s Sat. They have moved back on their ranch about 6 miles up in the mountains. Last week Tuesday Guy went up returned on Thursday, Dwight went Friday, came back Monday, & yesterday Clara went. Dont know when she will come, probably with us. When she returns Lizzie Lee comes with her & next week Mrs Lee visits me. If we go will stay all night and leave the boys at home to milk &c. D– does all the milking, slops the cow, sells milk, washes dishes, sweeps, irons coarse clothes well, mops, helps about the cooking, sets the table always, tends baby first rate, does the marketing, runs errands down town &c &c. Indeed I dont hardly think I could keep house without him, with P– gone so much. P– goes to Folsom now and takes the goods from the railroad. generally makes 2 trips a week. it takes from Monday morning till Sat night and if any thing detains him, till Sunday to make his 2 trips, so I do not have much of his company. sometimes he comes Thursday noon eats his dinner and starts back in about ½ an hour. sometimes gets here at dark and stays till after breakfast next morning.
Am sorry to hear Uncle T– & Aunt S– are going to leave you, it seems so lonely. The Grandma’s both gone (I cant realize it) Louisa gone too. Oh what sad changes time makes. Give my love to Uncle & Aunt. hope they will like their new home and enjoy many happy years with Jeff and his family. I dreamed of seeing J– the other night. have not received that package from Wm Knox yet, dont know whether he has arrived or not. am very thankful for the presents, shall prize them highly especially the neck-kerchief.
Tell Aunt Sally I have the towel she gave me. I was not very well through the heat of the summer, but am now. P– and the children all well. I dont know why Jane should call me a “sitting hen” I have hatched a fine “brood” and go scratching all day for them. let me tell her there is not much time to “set” here. Sarah do write, not wait for me. you surely have more time than I do. (John, Mary, Harry, & Willie ditto.) I commenced one to S– long time ago am ashamed to send it now and not time to write another. But it is very late, I am tired and sleepy, must stop. H– will finish this tomorrow. keep on writing as you. we will all see the letters as we send them to each other. we always intend to send you a letter every but indeed Mother I cannot write much dont feel bad about it I know you wont think me wanting in regard for you all.

[The following is upside down at the top of the second page]
Dear Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters, accept the sincere love of your aff-

[The following is upside down at the top of the first page.]
Dear Jane
            “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Marry,

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