Letter #52
One sheet of lined paper 9¾ x 7¾”
Date: 12/5/1858
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mrs C.H. Fassett

San Francisco 5th Dec 1858
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                             Granville O
                                               Dear Mother
                                                                      I received this morning from Harris your letter to him of 31st Oct also Janes to Ann of same date as I had nothing from you was very glad to get them, and to hear of the good health of all. Enclosed please find Mess Tallant & Wildes Draft on New York for Fifty Dollars which with draft for same amount by last mail will make all you asked for Mr. Hale is here and leaves on Tomorrows Steamer for Iowa via New York he will probably leave New York on the 5th February on his return but in the mean time will pay you a short visit he brings Fifty Dolls half from Harris half from me to buy you all some little New Years present. or anything you may wish for the benefit of the family. Supposing Harry and John to have been good Boys I send John a quartz Slide and Harris sends Harry a Natural Specimen Pin, which we hope they may deserve and keep I should be very glad to make the trip in Mr H place but could not. Harris I think was mistaken in saying he had missed two or thr mails without getting letters I always forward mine immediately to him and Ann and I do not remember two mails in succession without hearing from you. and hope to hear from some of you every mail in future or at furtherst once in a month. I generally try to write something every mail sometimes not much as this one for example. have not seen Ann since writing you but they were well day before yesterday when Hale left there. Harris was here two days this week in good health and spirits I did not see much of him as I was on a jury and out all night the night he was here. on one case ten days fine time I had, as I was on for two months. sat in court about five weeks greatly to the cost of my own affairs am through now. nothing new. you can depend on seeing Mr Hale. write often love to all     yours as ever

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