Letter #61
One sheet blue lined paper 15½ x 9¾” folded in half  to make four 7¾ x 9¾” pages, embossed in upper left corner
Date: 7/3/1859
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Doct H. Fassett

San Fran 3d July 1859
Doct H Fassett
                              Granville O
                                                         Dear Father
                                                                                    Your very acceptable favor of 29th May was Recd Yesterday, and I assure you I was very glad of it indeed and must say it was such an excellent Letter that I cannot excuse you hereafter from writing often. I did not Know you could write so well. I think you had a pretty long seige on the Jury, just about such as I had last Fall. Do not think you take any more interest in Politics than I do I scarcely vote for any person except I Know them personally and then do not much care what party

(begin p. 2)

they belong to. Politics is running pretty high but the Democrats have it all their own way in this State. Money is the balance of Power here when it is close. In this City we have a Vigilance or Peoples party which originated with the Vigilance committee of 1856 and has ever since carried every office and has been the means of an entire reform in our City Government I regret exceedingly Jeffersons loss and can Sympathize fully with him. am very sorry that Uncle T and Aunt S will not return to Granville. hope they may consider better of it and come back. I do not pretend to have an opinion of my own (not having heard enough) about it to say who is right or wrong hope though for all concerned they may make concessions which will conduce to the happiness of all concerned. and return and be happy. Please convey my congratulations to

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Amanda that she has a Boy. and pleased to hear Frank and Uncle Elias have adjusted their embarrassments of 1857. and for them hope another such a time may not come. say to Uncle Elias James Dows (brother of David Dows of New York) failed day before yesterday. The amount of his liabilities not yet known. supposed to be heavy. I say failed as there is hardly ever a suspention here. ninety nine out of a hundred who suspend never find bottom untill they find it through the insolvent Law. Mr Dows was supposed to be in good circumstances untill now. Another failure yesterday of E. T. Pease & Co. (Munson C Hillyer) is a member of the firm. makes his second failure in this country. I have not credited them more than a day or two at a time for six months. I have no confidence in Hillyer. either as to business qualifications or integrity. Have not heard from Truman Fassett

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for a long time. think he ought to be getting along pretty well. the last time I was in Sacramento called at Lucy’s house but she had gone to visit her Father (17 miles from the City). Her husband never will set the world on fire, and if by any means it should burn do not think he would try very hard to stop it. That much will do for gossip I think I shall forward your letter to Ann and Harris tomorrow. They will be very glad to get it. Great preparations are being made to celebrate to morrow. I cannot raise my patriotism to take part except to subscribe a trifle, to pay Eps. Our business very good and it is extensive enough to keep me very busy, and hope it may pay. My best love to all. many thanks for your Letter and hope now you have commenced you will write often. Shall send you a Paper by this mail which will give you all general news.  
                                                                                                                             Yours Truly

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