The Fassett Letters - Letter #74
One sheet of cream paper folded to make four sheets 75/8 x 93/4” embossed in upper left corner “Congress / G&T Mfg. Co.”

Date: Sept. 2, 1860
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Dr. H. Fassett

San Franco Sept 2d 1860
Doct H. Fassett
                    Granville O
                                       Dear Father
                                                                                I have none of your favors to acknowledge but I know if Mother did not write so punctually you would I consider I am indebted to you always on the score of correspondence. I have just Received Mothers of 5th August also Mary and Janes of Same date. I am pleased to learn that you are all getting along so well. Tell Mother I do not Know how many Letters I have written since I returned probably not as many as I ought but I think more than you have received. She says you want more money. I presume you do not need that now as there was some funds on the way when she wrote. Enclosed

[Begin second sheet.]

find Fifty Dollar Bill on Union Bank of Missouri which I took a day or two since of a friend of mine. guaranteed by him to me. should it not be good please return it immediately to me if good keep it untill you need it of course I shall expect you to acknowledge Receipt of this Letter, and you may write as much as you please. I received a Letter from John just before he left home (none since) but I have not yet answered him I have a great deal of writing to do and am apt to neglect any but business Letters. am very glad to hear through mothers Letter that Johns health is improving I think his going to Lake Superior a good thing for him Our business goes on well. this is our busy season we call it yet it does not seem much different from any other, as we always have enough to do. I hope we are doing well we have every facility for doing a large and profitable business. If I do not

[Begin third sheet.]

make a fortune. (which I intend to do.) I flatter myself I have a name and reputation which are some satisfaction for the many drawbacks I have had to encounter. It seems to me now could a Young man just Starting see how much he would have to go through to make a competency, few would undertake it and they would be brave. we had a Fire in our Town of Pacheco two weeks ago. we lost nothing but ran a very narrow risk of the whole town going All are well at Pacheco. I have Letters every day from them. I have heard nothing from Truman and family since I returned. Politics is the general topic of conversation here. I take no interest whatever in it. Breckenridge and Lane will carry this state but not Oregon. I dont think Lane could get a hundred votes in this State, other than as the Regular Democratic Nominee. He is a miserable Stick. There are 50,000 men in the U.S. better calculated for any office. will write mother and Mary soon. Love to all, Uncle E, Aunt and Amanda.
    Your Afft Son     Chittenden    

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