The Fassett Letters - Letter #78
One sheet of cream lined paper, folded to make four pages 5 x 8”

Date: March 31, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Harris Harding Fassett

San Frano Mch 31/61  
H. H. Fassett
            Granville, O    Dear Bro
                                                                   I wrote you by Overland Mail a week ago in fact have tried to write you once a week nearly ever since you have been gone. I dont know that I can give you much news We have had in the last ten days an immense amount of Rain. Pacheco has been twice under water. In fact the whole country has been flooded. Stages stoped for days almost all over the State full accounts of which you will see in the papers The Bridge at the west end of our WareHouse swept down entire and was secured. Hale will go to work tomorrow to have it put back. We have not been able to get to our WareHouse with wagons for a week in fact to none of them. the water at the ware Houses higher than ever before was within one foot of Loucks floor. but no higher in town than up to the low places in the Store about 4 inches on the Bed room floor. one hundred feet of the lower end of Loucks W.H. fell down. one fine day no wind, fell as if with shear exhaustion business began to brisk up during good weather but now you know it must be dull enough but as the weather seems settled at last we hope trade will improve. some of our Hay got wet a gain but these rains have drowned an immense amount of Gophers and almost insured a good crop the next year we do not grumble. I want to go up to Pacheco this week but there seems always to be something to keep me here. business is quiet and money scarce. there is going to be considerable excitement in Washoe and Esmaraldo again this year already people begin to go. I think too a good many will go to Mexico, as Government affairs begin to be settled there I received a few days ago a Letter from Bacon he gives very flattring accounts of the prospects for business and mining in that country I am helping Judge Brown get leave of absence from his office by the Legislature to go down there to see what can be done. his knowledge of Spanish law and Language being just what is wanted to operate in Real estate in Guymaz my best love to all hoping you will all enjoy yourselves very much. You need not worry about business all goes slow but very well. during next Harvest we will make up some of those slow Coons Pattridge has just come in and I will wind up

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