The Fassett Letters - Letter #80
One sheet of cream lined paper, folded to make four pages 5 x 81/8”

Dates: May 19 & 21, 1861
Place: New York City
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Harry Fassett, MD
Fifth Avenue Hotel                           
1861                                                                                                                          New York City May 19th  

Harry Fassett, M.D.
                 Dear Father
                     I arrived here Friday evening at        
4 o,clock after a very pleasant journey via Steubenville Harrisburg Philadelphia & Newark N.J. and am now engaged in getting ready to start off on Tuesday 21st. I have my ticket purchased and am going on the North Star connecting with the Sonora at Pannama as it is a very pleasant time of year to go. & the boats are both good, anticipate a good time. I have seen 4 of our passengers from S.F. 11th February, and spent the evening with one of them.

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I do not as yet hear of any one with whom I am acquainted who is going this trip but presume I shall yet see or hear or find when we have started some one that I know I shall not finish this until the day I start and would not have written now only may not have time to finish a letter then and you would be short of particulars. I like this Hotel very much some people put on a great deal of agony but that is nothing to me. It is a quiet House and everything very fine & nice and unlike most large Hotels you can go to sleep without being annoyed with that incessant din which with

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this class generally spoils the rest if they are ever so good One thing I forgot when I was at home to ask you all to be sure and write me often and tell Harry I beg his pardon for not asking him and want him to be sure and write often and I will do the same I will write you again from Aspinwall and then not again until I get in San Francisco. I hope to be there by the 15th of June. Give my Love to Mother & Brothers & Sisters Uncle Aunt Amanda Kate & Ella and all enquiring friends and reserve a large portion for yourself

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    Tuesday May 21st 10 o’clock
                                                             I am well and in fine spirits and shall be oph in 2 Hours 
and will I not be glad
when I get home.
                                   This trip is a hard one and I am sure one must think well of ones relatives to make it. I did and may do so again sometime. hope on until then. It rained all day yesterday but I went on board of the great Eastern – saw nothing but the upper deck as they would not let us go below – She is the Boat. I could not describe her if I would try a week. Adieu Venerable Gentleman Your Loving Son
H H Fassett                 

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