The Fassett Letters - Letter #83
Two sheets of blue paper 7¾ x 10”

Date: Sept. 29, 1861
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett
Written in the upper left corner of the first page.

I do not send Papers
regularly now on acc
ount of uncertainty of
mails     C

Continued below.
San Frano Sept 29/61
Mrs CH. Fassett
Granville, O.   My Dear Mother
some ten days ago Harris Rec a Letter written I think about the 20th Augt. The first we have had in a long time. we began to feel quite anxious but attributed the delay to failure of the mails. they are and have been quite irregular owing to interruptions in Missouri but we hope better service soon as Route has been changed running now from Chicago. Since writing you we have had a state Election contested by three parties resulting in a tremendous and overwhelming majority for the Union. Two union candidates (Union) cast 85,000 votes to 32,000 Secesh or Peace Party. Just Prior to Election

Continued on reverse side.

the Peace party made such a boast of strength we began to think the might carry the State and went to work and organized Home Guards and Private Military companys and bought up all the arms of every description for sale but their strength is so small and they out of power now. (though they have ruled us for years) and nearly ruined our State we now do not fear them. In the City we are so organized that on an understood signal in one hour we would have ready for duty from 8 to 10,000 men armed. I am ready and so is my Sharps Rifle. I mention the Kind of Gun I chose to show you I prefer fighting at a long range. at ¼ of a mile I could perforate a Seceshers vest twice out of three times and he would not be safe at ½ mile distance but as there is no probability of my having a trial I am not now practicing

Continued on second sheet.

much. I hope that Mary and Willie are quite well now. You must keep a Girl and rest Mary during the warm weathe,r anyhow. and longer if necessary. On the 20th Augt I send you Draft for $100–. Encl find the second of Exchange in case you did not receive the first. I suppose that will be all you need at present as you wrote to Harris about that time you wanted some funds. H thinks Ball would buy that mare and turn it on your a/c. If you do not need her dispose of her in some way and write if you want more money now and always. Ann has been here staying with Mrs Harker about two weeks not very well. she is better and went home last night. She had Sarah with her. Harris was sick about two weeks ago, but is entirely well now. he had a Billous attack caused by exposure in the dust and sun I presume.

Continued on reverse side.

Nellie arrived safe across the plains about two weeks ago. she is quite poor but not more than I expected. it is a very hard trip for a horse. I think the man that brought her took great pains with her, and he would only take what she cost him for bringing her over. I should much preferred paying him well for his trouble. this is our busy season of the year which will last to January 1st. I shall write to Mary in a few days. am looking every day for a Letter from her. dont laugh at my writing. my pen is poor and I am in my Room. and it is Sunday cannot get a better pen. all places of business in this state now closed Sundays by Law I am very glad of it. My best love to all I want soon to write to Jane and the Dr. have not had a word from her since she was married. nor from Sarah since I was home. I think of you all often if I dont write much    Yours     Chittenden

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