The Fassett Letters - Letter #88
One sheet of cream lined paper, folded to make four 5 x 8¼” pages

Date: Feb. 6, 1862
Place: Pacheco
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

Pacheco Cal Feby 6th 1862
      Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                   Granville Ohio
                               Dear Mother
                                       Yours of December 20th 1861 Received this day, and I went this morning and fixed up things at the warehouse and got back by 12 o,clock and will answer and send out by express so you will get it a little sooner. Chitt landed in La Paz 20th Jany was quite well and will be back in March until then cant tell much about how things are in the lower country. Our business is very dull and we have been having very rainy weather 4 feet of water on a level has fell since 18th Nov 1861 no such rains since 1827, 49. or 52 was nothing you will hear of the extent of the floods they were awful

Begin side two.

I just got a letter from Lucy Fassett Gordon and she says the water was 5 ft in their house and they live on the highest ground in Sacramento. it must be awful, the water was awful around here too you have no idea of floods I never had until this winter. I ought to have written you sometime since and should but I have been in the water for the last month almost every day and so tired and cold at night I could not write. I will try and send the money by & by for that buggy. As for selling that mare for any 50 dollars or less than you gave for her that is no way to do she is worth more and if you have anything to sell no use to cry it down better ask a little more and if you must fall let down to cost never any lower in that way you can live the other you cant.   You ask how our Coal mines come on we are not yet into Coal but expect to get in by spring If they are rich then I shall have some extra money. I guess you will get some of it then. Oh! I cant write every body is cross and so am I.

Begin side three.

   John when you see Uncle Elias next ask him how much he will take for the Uncle Tom farm you ought to have more land to work now see what you can get it for cash reccolect is the terms. But stay with our folks and drive as smart trades as you can I hope and am working for a chance to make a home for you all and Chitt wants to do the same. We venture much ought to have some. I have received one letter from you since I got back did you get sick of soldiering? I hope so, As soon as I get time I am going to write Harry and the Dr at Logan. Father I ought to write to you too but I owe so many letters I hardly know where to begin and in due season I will write them all up. If I have success I hope to see you all before many years.

Begin side four.

     Miss Mary Fassett
               Granville Ohio
                              I owe you a letter and this page will devote to you Ann has another Boy born 2 or 3 days ago. I have not seen her or the child yet and do not know his name. I guess she is about out of names. maybe you can suggest one. Ann is quite smart and her children are as smart as most any ones.   Dwight is learning the Printers trade and our Printer likes him very much. He is a good and splendid fellow nearly as tall as his Aunt Mary. Hale is here and well. I am Kind of out of sorts cross a little. have been to work harder than I like. how are you well sick or old maidish. Is Jane and Family well. Now Mollie dear honey take care of yourself and dont get “weather beaten” this winter. Please write often to Yours truly.    H. H. Fassett

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