The Fassett Letters - Letter #92
One sheet of cream, lined paper, 5 x 8¼”

Date: March 10, 1862
Place: Pacheco
From: H. H.  Fassett
To: Mr. John Fassett
  Pacheco Cal March 10th/62
      Mr. John Fassett
Granville Ohio
Dear Brother
                                            Yours of Jany 30th came to hand 3 days since and Sunday having came around and leasure being granted me will now answer fully. The letter was just the letter I’ve wanted to get from you ever since I got home telling me you had enough of Soldiering and had become fairly settled down in life marked out your track settled fairly in the harness and decided to pull through understandingly The company I now have will not permit me to write more at present will finish anon — over

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and that you can consistently stay with Father and Mother and make a little money beside. Chitt is still in Low’ Cal look for him home in a few days when will answer you as to our arrangements I wrote you about the buying of farm what does Uncle E say.  he probably will not sell still see about it or renting either of course you must manage for yourself and dont go on others judgment too much depend on yourself and if you do not get right the first time you will be sure to remember where you missed As to my paying for Coffee &Sugar at Brooks I did not do it and did not say I would so Father misunderstood me. You speak of your Colt I never knew you had one. where did you get it and what stock is it

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   The sheep business I think good and the mill if you can get an interest by work and do not have to take too much risk it will do no harm but Sorghum, Sugar or Cane, Lasses or that class of business I know nothing about. As to new varieties, the only one I know of is the Floods of 1862, exceeding anything Cala ever heard of that variety you dont want for all the “Specs” you find in that are out of Pocket I saw it “in that light,” and withdrew my patronage after many days buffeting Enclosed please find a letter for Mother from Clara Germain she tells her all the news from Ann and Parker and sends with me much love to all. Write often and oblige.           Yours Truly
H H Fassett

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   Mary I wrote you before and just wish to say you owe me one. You are a good girl to write so often to Bub just keep on please and I’ll answer to your hearts content. my meal is waiting and so is the U S Mail I must close but still remain lovingly your devoted and dilatory slackwater Brother
  Harris Hardinge Fassett
    Pacheco Cal March 12/62

  Love to All
  Both Great and Small
  Yes! little & Tall
  Look out for a Ball
or Bawl

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