The Fassett Letters - Letter #98
One sheet of blue, lined paper, folded to make four 7¾ x 9¾” sides

Date: June 30, 1862
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

San Frano  June 30th/62
Mrs C. H. Fassett
Granville O   My Dear Mother
                                 Yours of 29th of May was Received by the last Steamer three or four days ago which was pretty quick time. I have as usual put off writing untill about the last minute after a busy Steamer day a day which you cannot know the annoyance of. it is a day of Settlements. You collect all moneys due and pay all obligations on this day. almost every thing is made pay able Ste. day. every body dreads it, on a/c of the bustle and annoyances. I dont Know but it is as well to have them all come together. and now it is over feel that I have ten days before

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another one comes round. I sent John first of this month $500—by check on New York and hope he received it in time for his purpose it should have gone sooner had I Known he wanted it. have not yet Received his letter he mentioned as having wrote particulars of his purchase in. May never get it although letters are now coming in every day or two that are three months old but much of the mail matter is no doubt lost so wish he would write about it again I did intend to write to Mary before this time but cannot just now will try and do so soon I presume some of my Letters to you are lost on the plains I wrote a good many letters soon after I returned from Mexico which was about the time of

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the difficulties on the Overland route. Every word of your letters are interesting to us here. and I wish I could only fill mine with daily affairs and might do so only you could not understand them. after saying we are all well I think I cannot say anything more that you would care about hearing. War news we are deeply interested in and when the Telegraph chooses to work which is only a very small part of the time, we get it very quick probably as quick as you do but when it dont choose to talk we are in a fever to Know what will come next. and after a suspension of a few days we are apt to get a String of news in such shape nobody can tell whether it is good or bad but a day or two generally straightens

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it out. I dont know that I have told you but I have been drilling ever since last Fall. not that I expect to have to fight but if I do I want to be ready to go at it. I am pleased to Know Harry is doing well. he does not write me I do not know why. nothing would please me better than to have him. I want to hear often from all our folks. but it is very hard to write very often to all of them, we do not have so much leisure time in this country as you. do. in old and staid countrys. here all is hurry and bustle always, and one must Keep up with the times whether he will or no. all well at Pacheco. Anne is much better than when I first got home but she is never very strong.
My best love to all. Yours truly Chittenden

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