The Fassett Letters - Letter #101
Two sheets of cream, lined paper 7¾ x 10”

Date: Sept 21, 1862
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

San Frano Sep 21st/62
Mrs C. H. Fassett
                  Granville, O.   My Dear Mother
                                                                   I wrote John hastily by Steamer day before yesterday. but finding they will commence tomorrow sending Letters Overland thought would write you too. Since the Indian troubles in Minnesota, they stopped sending a mail overland, although there was no Indian trouble or indications of any on or within 1000 miles of the Stage route. there must be some very intelligent men in the P. O. Department at Washington. If I knew who the individual to blame was I would send him a map of the Mail route and statistics of the population and mail matter on this coast. the Overland mail is a very popular institution here, but interested parties have waged war upon it from the very first day it started untill

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now, and time and again the P M here gets orders not to send any mail by overland untill further orders. The mail has been loaded down with tons of Newspapers mailed by “Cloven Footed” Vanderbilt in order to render the stage company unable to carry the mail so that he could carry it by Steamer now he has the carrying of papers but at a very low price however and what dodge he will try next is a wonder to us. We feel here when we read War news in the East how fortunate we are to be so far away from all the horror and suffering and casualties happening daily to our friends at home. when the Telegraph works which is most of the time, we get news as soon as received in the principal Citys in the East. by Clock time before. for instance last Evenings paper, gives a dispatch dated New York Yesterday 12 M. which was Received here Yesterday at 9.50 am beating

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time 2 hours and ten minutes. within ten days we have subscribed in this City $120,000 – dollars to the Patriotic relief fund and Shipped yesterday by Steamer $100,000,, of it. Subscriptions are now going on and in the City alone will reach $200,000 – to 250,000. which will be 2 to 2¼ dollars to every man woman and child. The subscriptions of this city for charitable purposes outside of the City this year thus far will amount to half a million of dollars. They are having a County Fair at Pacheco this week. as I never have attended a fair in this country except 2 Hours one day I am quite anxious to go up. dont know yet whether I can this letter has been written by piece for the last three or 4 days. my best Love to all. hoping to hear from you often and that you are all well I am as Ever   Your afft Son

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