Letter #4

Approx. 15” x 9¾” folded to make 4 pages

Date:  5/11/1852

Place: Fort Kearney

From: Chitt

To: Father

From: Ann F.  Germain

To: Mother


Fort Kearney May, 11th 1852

288 miles from St Joseph Mo

Dear Father

      We left Saint Joseph 2 days sooner than we expected untill the evening before we did start or I should have written you from there and this is the first point where I can mail. and here we are only stopping here this afternoon so I cannot write but a few lines. We have had good luck since we have been on the road and have got first rate teams and I have a good horse. we have passed a great many horse and mule teams and if we have no bad luck will make a very speedy trip. we have passed through as bad a tribe of Indians “Pawnees” as there is on the whole way unless it is one tribe in the mountains but we have our eyes on them all the time night & day and that is the only way to do on this trip. we have seen men going home after having come out 150 miles and lost their stock either by carelessness or indians but as a general thing there is no need of looseing your teams  I received Harris letter at St Joseph Ann will write about the Family. We took Geo Green into our company at St Joseph he wishes you to tell his family he is well and going on finely we could not wish a better man

     I reckon you would laugh some to look in upon us most any time we have had some cold rains which were very unpleasant but a warm sun soon drys and Cheers us up. we have passed through some delightful country and wish I had time to give you some description of it and our trip. but if we stop any length of between this and Fort Laramie I will write more. do not fail to write to us so we will have Letters when we get through. We have plenty to eat and drink and all are in good spirits and we have a good outfit and the road when it does not rain is as good as any I ever saw not excepting any stoned or mcAdamised road. there is no sickness here among the emigrants tho we have passed some small Pox just this side of St Jo. there was some Cholera on the Missouri River after we come up and when the crowd comes “We are ahead of the Jam” they will have everything in the shape of disease. Feed is much better than last or year before at this time. we left St Jo 24th inst. I will try and write more from Fort Laramie where we expect to be by June 1st. James Morrow is well. I will close my letter for I have got to take it down to the Fort to night about 1 mile. Love to all you shall hear from us at every chance.

Yours Truly

 N. C. Fassett

    Dear Mother

                                    I should like to write a long letter but am washing, baking, & boiling, very busy indeed, have had a pleasant trip so far only regreted so many times that Jane could not see the beautiful scenery. Jane, Jane, you never saw such views in your life, you dont know how much you have lost by not coming. I write to say, some of our friends are coming next winter & I must have Sarah’s & Willie’s pictures sent to me by them, get them ready the first chance. remember must have. Harris, yours would be very acceptable & as many more as Father is able to get. be sure and write to us Guy had the measles on the road, was not very sick, is now well.

          Love to all. I have no time to write, when we stop, have all I can do. Yours in great haste.

Ann F. Germain

Boys & girls all write. 

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