Letter #5

Date: 6/26/1852
Place: Bear River
From: N.C. Fassett
To: Doct. H. Fassett

                                                                   Bear River June 26th 1852

Doct H. Fassett

Johnstown O

          Dear Father

I have an opportunity to send by express and cannot write but a few lines. we have got along so far with out any trouble of notice and expect to be in Sacramento City by 1st to 10th August unless we should stop on the way. do not be alarmed if you should not hear from us as soon as you think you ought to. I will write immediately on my arrival there I just now stopped to trade with an Indian for a string of Fish. gave him one box percussion Caps for a nice string of Trout. weigh from ½ to ¾ lb each got enough for Supper & Breakfast. wish we could send you some. we are all well and in good spirits anticipating a speedy arrival in Cal. Gregory has left us. Jim Morrow & Geo Green with us and wish me to say they are well. Please write to me on receipt of this note. I am writing in the wagon and the wind is blowing so I could write as well on Horseback. but if you can make it out that is all I want all send love. hope you will get this letter soon. we are all anxious to get through and hear from home.

Yours truly

N. C. Fassett

Ann, says regular Mountain trout.


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