The Fassett Letters - Letter #22 

Date: 3/13/1855
Place: Placerville
From: Chittenden
To: Doct H. Fassett

Placerville Cala March 13th 1855
Doct H. Fassett
                        Granville Ohio
                                                      Dr Father
                                                                                 I know you are looking for the money I promised to send you  our banks and Express companies have been in so much trouble I have been afraid to send it but I think all will be well soon so I can  send it within a month  you may buy what sheep you want and agree to pay by 1st to 15th May and I will manage to send you the money. If you can spare Mary to go to school this summer send her and write me what money will pay her expenses, or if you want anything get it and send to me for money. do not fail to do so. Harris is in one of my stores. he does well and I think I shall bring him out. I have a great deal to do. I have built a new store at my old stand and have opened another store in which Wm Hale is my partner. business good. Ann will write a long letter. I am much obliged to Mother for her many letters. will try and answer part of them. My best love to all. think of you all every day.
                                                              Your afft Son Chittenden

[The following was added at the top of the page.]

James Morrow started home 10 days ago. I gave him your overcoat and some money. he raised funds to go home by subscription. He is an object of pity.

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