The Fasset Letters - Letter #24

Date: 6/15/1855
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Father

San Francisco June 15th/55
Harry Fassett
      Granville, O.
                   Dr Father
                             Having a little time I thought you would consider it better improved by writing to you even though it should be only a few lines than any other way. I have been here all this week buying goods. shall go home by the middle of next week. I have to spend a great deal of time here now since I have two stores. Goods are low here now, and are not paying much profit, but I am endeavoring to handle enough to make it pay. do not expect to do a great amount of business for the next two or three months on account of the risk of our Towns burning up. everything is very dry and the weather hot, and frequent alarms of fire in the last ten days. If I escape a general conflagration this summer I will try and not risk so much next year should I continue in business in Placerville. I left Ann and family quite well. Harris’ health is excellent. He attends the business very closely and I think I shall make him a better Provision pedlar than he was a Pill Maker. I wish we were all together somewhere but I do not want to see you here and I do not Know as I would be satisfied to do business in the older states There is so much excitement doing business here I think a brisk trade at home would seem dull to me. I have a share in the claim Germain is in equal to his which is ¼ of the whole for each. I hope Uncle and Dunaley have moved into their new home. I can imagine how much more pleasant it is for you all. What is Jeff doing I have written to him several times and have not heard a word from him. I am under many obligations to Mother for her numerous letters to Ann & Harris and generally adding a few lines to me. I cannot expect more for I do not write much as I should to her. but Harris and Ann write so frequently I hope I may be excused. I intend to answer Aunt Sally’s line soon. much obliged Aunt. I held up My hands when I read your P.S. to Mothers letter. give my love to all friends and dont forget you owe me a letter.
Your Son
Jane Owes me a letter a long one.

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