The Fassett Letters - Letter #27

Date: 1/3/1856
From: H.H. Fassett
To:  Mother
To:  Father
                                                                                   Jany 3d 1856
Dear Mother
                                                    As I received your long & very interesting letter last night & Chittenden was writing to Father I concluded I would write to you and send there in. I was not very well last mail or would have written you then.
I have hardly received a letter from home with as much news as the last, (dated Nov 28th)
now Mother thats just the kind of letter I like to receive every time. Chitt & I both agree in reference to that land. Dont pay it no how, as Father never has & never can realise anything from it. His being always perplexed & harassed I do declare is too bad, and if it cannot be got along without I will come home by, & by, & see that peace at last shall crown his efforts if at the greatest sacrifices. I am also very glad to hear that your health is better hope it may continue so for a long term of years. We are all well, & none of us but what would like much to visit or receive a visit from one & all of you. Ann & I spent Thanksgiving in Sacramento with Tru’s family. they are all well Tru. is teaming for C- Lucy was up here & made a visit since then stayed nearly one week. Lydia says she is coming up too after awhile. We spent 2 or 3 days there very pleasantly seemed almost like Ohio, when you shut the door & saw none but old Ohio faces -- but I must close as Father must needs wish to have a few lines direct to him
Good night & happy New Year            
from H. H. Fassett

[The following is inserted upside down before the next part addressed to Dear Father ...]

(Love to Grandmother and all the Uncles, Aunts & Cousins. Jane continue your favors to us. Some mistake about mary I guess. H -- )

[Continued right side up.]

Dear Father,
                                                    Altho’ it seems you have given up writing to us, still we think of you just as often & wish just as much to hear from you as ever. You cannot tell how highly we prize a letter from you, for since our only knowledge of you must be derived through the medium of Pen  Ink & Paper, pray do not deny us the pleasure of hearing from you at least once a year by a good long letter. Here we are scratching away to make money for the family good, and a few words of encouragement do us so much good in the struggle for independence. as your favorite quotation on the subject says
    “Not for to hide it in a hedge, nor for a train attendant, but for the glorious privilege of being independent.” Write soon & let us know all your plans & believe us as ever your Aff-- children. Tell Willie he must hurry & beat Guy. Study hard & be a good Boy. John owes & ought to write me a long letter. Mary too it seems is quite enough of a young Lady to write to her Bros A few lines from Harry would be acceptable. if the colt is warty let him run till four years old. Must close for want of space. Your Aff Son H. H. Fassett

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