The Fassett Letters - Letter #33

Date: 9/18/1856
Place: Placerville
From: Chittenden
To: Doct. H. Fassett
Placerville Cala Sept 18th 1856
Doct H. Fassett
                        Granville O Dear Father

                                                              I wrote you a short letter about a month ago since then have been busy building and collecting. immediately after the fire of July 6th which destroyed this Town I built a frame store at the old stand which I had rented to Hale at the time of the fire. he being so far from where it broke out saved all his goods and I furnished Harris with capital to go into equal copartnership with Hale (firm Hale & Fassett) they retain the custom of both stores. have a fine trade and are very industrious and economical and will do well. Harris and I were doing very well at the time of the fire, but that closed us out at less than cost   we felt rather blue for a few days but took as Philosophical view of it as possible and stopped all regrets and went to work with more determination than ever, and hope one of these day to have forgotten it. Myself and Mr White have built a fireproof building on a valuable lot, containing three rooms one rents for a Store Store, one for an Express office and one for a variety or fancy store, in which we have a safe and office for buying Gold Dust which with settling accounts is my only business do not expect to go into any other business at present. Truman Fassett is teaming for the Boys and is makeing something. Lydia and Julia are in Sacramento visiting, intending to stay about ten days when Lucy is to be married there. Harris will go to her wedding. They are anxious for me to go but I shall go to San Francisco on Monday next to stay a few weeks and do not think I shall attend. I do not know anything of Lucy's intended husband except Truman says he appears to be a very fine man, very fond of her (of course) and is well off hope their expectations of him may be realised as think Lucy a good girl. Mun Hillyer is in San Francisco clerking dont amount to a great deal more than most of the Hillyers -- Henry Fassett is in Sacramento. Lewis is mining in the mountains with uncle Horace. I shall have more time to write letters after this and you may expect frequent letters from me. Tell Jane she may look for a letter soon. I shall send you some money by next mail or the one following. should have sent some before now but for the fire. much obliged to mother for numerous letters expect to have letters from home to night. My best love to you all, and all friends. All well here except Ann. she has not been very well this summer but the weather is getting cooler and her health improving. Think she will be entirely well soon. Harker and family are living in San Francisco. Do not let Aunt Delia feel slighted because I have not mentioned her name. I considered her as belonging to the family. Will write to her soon. Received a letter from Uncle Samuel a short time since from Marquet Mich. shall answer soon. I became acquainted not long ago a particular friend of Uncle Elias, Mr I. W. Foard of Sacramento. he made particular enquiries about him and seemed grateful for favors done him heretofore. do not know whether Harris is going to write today or not shall put mine in The Office so as to have it be certain to go.
Your Afft Son                                        

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