The Fassett Letters - Letter #37

Date: April 3. 1857
Place: Placerville
From: Chittenden
To: Mother
                                                                                            Placerville Apr 3d    1857.

Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                                            Granville Ohio
                                                                                       Dear Mother
Harris and Ann have been writing and I thought I would add a few lines. Had intended to send you some more money and am glad you do not need it arrived here last night and found Ann looking better than a year before Harris is well and doing well. Hale talked of going home but has given it up. am much obliged for your letters shall return to San Francisco in two or three days. Saw Doct Carothers last Saturday. he has gone to the Gadsden Purchase. his wife will stay with her Brothers while he is gone about three months. they are all well. My love to all
Yours as ever                

[This letter was on letterhead “Office Pacific Express” and was likely enclosed with letter #36.]

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