The Fassett Letters - Letter #43
Date: 1/31/58
Place: On the ranch
From: Ann
To: Dear Friends at home

 On the Ranch  Jan 31 /58.
                        Dear Friends at Home
                                                                               Last night I dreamed of being at home with you, but when morning came I found myself far, far away. Little did I think when we parted that 6 long weary years would pass and we still be separated. but so it is and we know that our heavenly Father orders all things for our good, though we cannot see why it should be so. Parker mourns often because he cannot send me home, but he is not to blame, and I try to be patient as possible. but dont think I feel indifferent because I say so little about it in my letters.
No day has ever passed in all these years but you have been remembered, all the dear ones both the living and the dead. By night and by day sleeping or waking my thoughts are of home “my own dear native home.” The birthdays are always remembered, today is sister Sarah’s. I cannot realize that she has a home of her own and a ‘wee bairn’ toddling around after her. O these little ones how they twine around our heart strings, brightening many a long day with their smiles. Little Jane creeps and is trying to walk takes 3 or 4 steps alone. has one tooth and is under foot in the way all the time. Parker is ploughing and one of the boys drive the oxen for him so that I dont have so much help in the house. they take turns in driving. he is hurrying to get through and get away from here as we have no church, no schools. we shall move somewhere as soon as the crop is in. dont know where. will let know. send your letters to Chitt till you hear. I wrote you in Nov and last of Dec. hope you rec them cannot write regular every month, as my work is very hard about half the time have a hired man to board for the Dr must do all my washing and every thing without any help from P–, and must spare one of the boys all the time, so you see there is enough to keep me busy. my health is better than ever, it has been a winter in Cal or I could not do it.
Your last letter was rec New Years morning. The Dr’s hired man had went to town the night before, (took a letter from me to Chitt in which I sent you a short one) and returned that morning before breakfast with Mother’s enclosed in one from C–. I hurried the breakfast on the table and while the rest eat feasted on the letter. I was invited that day to one of the neighbors a stranger, friendly but rough, went but could think of nothing but home all day, how I wished to be with you that day. Chittenden wrote me that he did not envy you the cold weather but would liked to have helped at the Thanksgiving dinner. The 26 (Mother’s birthday) P– and Dwight went to town with a load of hay. when they came home within screaming distance D– called out “Mother 3 letters, 1 from Uncle C–, 1 from Uncle H–, and one from Mr Harker.” Do you remember how he used to run from the postoffice in J with P– letters. All were well and in Harris’s letter I found Mother’s and John’s. Parker & I had a good laugh over your remarks about H–’s Ambrotype, said all I could to keep him from sending such a thing. he writes me that he will send you a smooth faced one soon as he can shave without catching cold. Chittenden wears whiskers on his cheeks that improve his looks very much, and now Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters do write as often and as much as possible what is the reason Jane dont write a word. she certainly ought to send a message to her namesake. when Mary gets through writing to that 

[Continued upside down at the top of the page.]

fairhaired young gentleman’ John speaks perhaps she will favor us with a line. Willie must learn to write and send sister Ann a long letter.

[Inserted upside down in the middle of the first page.]

Helen Gregory sends much love to Jane.

[Inserted upside down at the top of the first page.]

P– and the children send love to all. They talk of you often, Sarah as much as the rest. I asked Sarah what I should write for her, she said “Tell Ganmama I is all nice to be kissed.” (She was dressed in clean clothes.) P– talks of you often and would like to see you all, but dont like to write. much very much love to all from   Ann.

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