The Fassett Letters - Letter #45
One sheet blue lined paper ~7¾ x 9¾”.

Date: 4/2/1858
Place: Pachiko [Pacheco]
From: Ann
To: Mother

Pachiko  April 2 /58
Dear Mother
                                  Perhaps I ought to commence this with an apology for not writing you every month, but have hardly time. will just say, think it anything but wilfull neglect.  We left the ranch March 12. are now living in the new town. Chitt− and the Dr laid out 4 miles east of Martinez. in the valley under Mt Diablo, within 3 miles of the Prince’s and 5 of the Gregory’s. I live, very pleasantly, in the same yard with Emily, chickens, garden, cow yard, &c in common. The Dr built a small house for me to live in this summer. Chitt talks of putting Harris into a store here, in the new town, pronounced Paw-check-o. We rec. a letter from C− yesterday saying they had sold out the Placerville store but nothing more. they will probably inform you further. Parker expects to start tomorrow for Placerville to team this summer. will probably stay till harvest. I must send this to the office by him, and must bake enough this afternoon to last him to Sac but will write what I can.
Laura and Nellie Gregory are visiting Emily to-day, have been in here a while. Chittenden visited us about a month ago. wish you or one of the girls could stay with me while P− is away. why dont Jane write to us. I have not seen the mark of her pen for months. If I had such a promising little namesake as she has, think I would write sometimes to the child, or another one of them.

[start other side]

     Evening.         Tonight I am tired and have several things to think of before P− starts. cannot write much now only we are all well, will try to write every month whenever I can. hope you will continue to write as you always have. and the children have they forgotten their absent sister. I should be glad to hear from Sarah but can excuse her. I should think the rest might write especially Jane. C− wrote me that H− rec letters from Jane & Sarah. I requested him to forward them to me, but he has not done so yet. Our post office is still Martinez.
            with much love to all Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Friends
                                                  I remain                                        
Your affc’              

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