The Fassett Letters - Letter #46
One sheet blue lined paper 15½ x 9¾” folded in half.

Date: 8/4/1858
Place: San Francisco
From: N. C. Fassett
To: Mrs. C. H. Fassett
San Francisco 4th Aug /1858
Mrs C. H. Fassett
                            Granville O
                                                               My Dear Mother       I received no Letter from you by last mail. I wrote you by Steamer of 19th July saying I would send you Draft by this mail. will enclose one for Seventy Five dollars in this letter and in a month will send you some more. always send to me in time so I can get it to you by the time you need it. Have everything yourself and family want and live well and respectable and call on me for what you need
                                  To day is what we call Steamer day and all accounts fall due to day and consequently it is a busy one. It would make you tired enough to sit in my Office window and see people hurrying by collecting and disbursing money. if the sight of money would do any person good they could got a surfeit here any Steamer day. but does not pay accounts or for ones living. I was at Pacheco a few days since. all well. Harris seems to like it very well. I wrote to Uncle George Peck by this mail. I think I wrote you something in regard to The New Gold Mines on account of Indians and high water in the Rivers. we cannot tell how they are going to turn out. as yet hope they may prove Rich. there is a prospect of another line of Steamers via Nicaragua to New York. hope they may soon get into operation so as to reduce the fare which is outrageously high. There is an overland mail from Placerville by stage weekly each way to Saint Joseph Mo. hope it may continue and prosper as I own property in Placerville yet. I send Draft of Mess Tallant & Wilde on Bank of the state of N. Y. New York City for Seventy Five Dollars Fifty Dollars for yourself, Fifteen for Jane and Ten for Mary, to be used as each one may think proper. There are many things in your Letters from time to time I would answer more minutely but I forward them immediately to Ann and Harris and some items escape my memory for the time being especially when I have so many interruptions as to day and so much to think of. My best love to all, hoping you are all enjoying good health and happiness. Were I always certain of that it would save me many a dull thought I think of you all every day always Am living now pleasantly in a small private family.
Your Afft Son N. C. Fassett

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