The Fassett Letters - Letter #47
One sheet blue lined paper 11½ x 9¾” folded in half to make 4 pages.

Date: 8/15 [1858]
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden [N. C. Fassett]
To: Mrs. C. H. Fassett
San Francisco 15th Augt
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
            Granville O
                            My Dear Mother
Your valued favor of 27th June and continued to 14 July was Received, This afternoon. like you it makes no difference in my interest to your letter because you were two weeks writing it I read and enjoy it all. I can well imagine from your description how you all seemed and talked on the evening of my birthday certainly thought of you one and all and of Home Then. cannot remember just what I did but as it was Sunday presume I passed most of the day at home I live pleasantly more so than ever before in the States in a private family which consists of Mr and Mrs Bidwell, Miss

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Hewes a school Teacher, Mr Weans (?) my particular friend and roommate and myself. all as good and Kind friends as any one could desire each one would do for the others what a brother or sister would. We live on the hill and from our windows have a splendid view of the City and Bay it is about one mile from the wharves but have a good view of Shipping arrivals and departures and it is some distance from my business and do not come home from the time I leave in the morning after Breakfast 8 o’clock untill dinner 6 P.M. only have two meals per day here. presume you will think it rather hard to be so long without eating but I prefer it to three. my postscript to Ann’s Letter I know was outrageous but had no time to write

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then. Ann very sorry to hear that Aunt Sallie and Uncle are not so well situated as well as on the old farm. think with you they missed in going away who lives in their house. Do not look for me home I only intend to seize the very first opportunity to come it may be in one year or two or might be in three months. It is very hard to go away so long. We have now a weekly overland mail from Placerville to St. Josephs Mo. may send you a letter that way one of these days for variety. Received a note from Ann this morning were all well Harris and Hale were well and very busy. business at the new place is good. sent you Draft by last mail for Seventy Five Dollars please acknowledge receipt as if it should be lost will send another. will send Fifty Dollars by next mail after this. we are just now enjoying the most magnificent Peaches you ever saw. they would be a real curiosity if you could only see them. would give anything if I could only send you a Box I received yesterday morning from Sac were very few that would go into a large Coffee cup. we have now in market, Apples Grapes Plums Straw & Raspberries

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Peaches Apricots, Cherries Currants, Nectarines, Whortleberries, Gooseberries, Figs, Limes, Bananas, Oranges Black berries &c, but they cost a good deal of money and a person cannot use them freely without being extravagant. but as they Grow more plenty every year expect them to be very reasonable in a year or two and then California will be the place to live You have nothing to eat but we can mention it in our list or equal it with something you have not. am going to watch tomorrow night with a sick person and must close and go to bed tonight as it is five days before the mail goes. will try and write more if I do not give my love to all and remember me as ever

 [Written at the top of the first page]

Mary’s Yeast Recipts do not seen to be directed to any person so I presume they may be to me

[Written vertically across the first page]

Augt 17. All well, Received a letter from Pacheco to day
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