The Fassett Letters - Letter #49
One sheet blue lined paper  9¾ x 15½” folded in half to make four sides

Date: 8/17/1858
Place: Pacheco
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Mother, Father, Jane

Pacheco Aug 17th 1858              
                   Dear Mother
                                           Yours of June & July just received this morning read, and I sit down to answer while in the humor & ere it gets cold wrote you last month am located this place Contra Costa Co have built a store on our Ranch and laid out a town sold several lots & business commences well thing will make money here we also have a boat landing and intend putting up a warehouse next year about half a mile from our store shall then probably buy Wheat and Barley cannot say positive though. time will tell
              Our work is much easyer here than in P-ville as we deal in Dry Goods &c Keep much such a store as Reed & Conditt in Johnstown Buy Butter, Eggs, Chickens Turkeys Ducks &c &c trade with country Galls Women old Folks & Young. Like the business & are making quite a sensation in the county by our cheap prices public spirit and accomodation. all important items when I add we are the only American traders in the Co. The Jews having having heretofore monopolised the mercantile business of the Co. I will reserve the description of our store and arrangements in & around it for some future letter when I mean to astonish you by our countryfyed appearance & manners and then the pretty Girls & smiling faces for the new storekeepers I tell you when they are gone we have our own fun & when here, are positively charmed Some put on Airs & some hoops some walk into the door & some crowd in. Oh! what an invention hoops are and how the dear little ones can expand or contract themselves to any desired standard. delightful institution and since their invention I have fell in love with ½ I’ve seen when dressed up but alas when in the Kitchen attire I have as suddenly fell out & went home cured I now have one hung up in the store (hooped skirt) and transfer my affections to that as its every day the same. Hale is here with me and does not know at what time he will visit home sure not this fall wishes to be remembered to you. Ann only lives about 20 Rods from the store & I see her any moment in the day. Hale & I board with Mrs Carothers a good place & she is a fine woman Ann & her live in the same yard.

[Begin side three.]

     We keep a horse Dog & Cat & will soon get us a buggy for general running about our Cat is Maltese & Wild Cat & is very nice & playful. Dog a thuroughbred pointer a present to us from a friend & cost him over 30.$ The horse very much such an one as old Squirrel was when of his age, 6 years. We paid $175.00 for him & consider him cheap. I was just to the door, counted 6 wagons loaded with Barley & Wheat all standing at or as near as they could get to our store besides men on horses & mules & Spaniards mixed in with them & with their (Si Senor. Yes Sir) all makes up a motley & interesting crowd. Nothing like Cala for variety & spice.
                                                                                                              As to songs I am glad to hear you sing sometimes. Oh! how I love singing & yet I never hear singing now & if I should fear I would feel no the better for it as memory would run wild with other times & places & I fear make me so sad. but if you want to Know some songs I really love sing “Ossians Serenade” “Do they Miss &c.” & “Old Dog Tray.” I know Criss Starks he is a fine young man am sorry to hear of his Fathers death. Now Mother I would like to laugh at you to got your Chair & have a general good time but when that may be is very uncertain so good bye for this time Yours &c
H.H. Fassett

[Begin side four.]

     Dear Father
                        When I commenced this letter I thought I would write a short line to you and the balance to Mother & have by the dint of an active ½ hours work accomplished 3 pages of stuff and leave you the little corner. Well we are all well & business fair. I have been so unsettled this spring & Summer I have not written regular but in future will attend to it my leisure time though is very limited & what I write have to do in the store & in the interim of attending to the wants of our numerous customers. I am aware that I do not write you often, but then I am so often writing to mother I cannot find the material for more than one at a time and what I write to Mother is for all of you & must all so consider it Our Post Office is Martinez in this Co. but we expect soon to get one here if we do shall be P. M.
    Write me as often as you can & believe me your
                                                                                   Aff Son  
                                                                                                  H. H. Fassett

          If I owe you a letter write to me & let me know & you shall be answered soon & if you owe me a letter do please write it right off & tell me all about the Beaux & Beauees
Your Bro                          
H. H. Fassett

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