Letter #53
One sheet white lined paper 15½ x 9¾” folded in half to make four pages.
Date: 12/19/1858
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mrs C.H. Fassett

San Francisco 19th Dec/58
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                             Granville O
                                               Dear Mother
                                                                      Do not expect to write you much to day as I have a number of Letters unanswered which have been delayed already too long. Received by last mail a Letter from John which I have forwarded to Harris and Ann  am much obliged to him  and will answer it soon but tell him to write again not wait for me. shall be glad to hear from him often. I sent you check on New York Nov 19th for 50
ll and Dec 4th for same amount. The Drafts were by Mess Tallant & Wilde on “Bank of State of New York” New York City. also instructed Mr Hale to pay you $50ll from Harris and myself to buy nicknacks as holiday presents for the family. It is a small amount for so large a purpose but hope you will make it answer. You will please advise me when you receive each amount. I was pleased to hear of your return from Mill Creek I do not much like to have you go there. I do not fear any man in his reason no matter how hardened but a maniac I do fear as you do not Know what They may do or when They will be taken worse if Kind. After this hope you will persuade Aunt Ann to visit you. I gave to day a Letter of introduction for Mr C. W. Harvey to Father and one to Len Hodges. Mr Harvey goes by this Steamer to bring out some Blooded horses and Cattle if he goes near you at all he will call. probably on you first and you can send him down to Len Hodges. I came down from Pacheco last Monday Evening Ann and family are all well. Harris do. and busy Hale being gone and a new man in his place keeps H pretty close. we have had plenty of Rain and all look for a prosperous year next year. the last two have been very dull and hard times The country begins to look quite green. The new grass beginning to be good feed. what a contrast from your cold weather and probable snows of to day. I can imagine what a large fire you must have at this minute with you about 5 P. M. while here it is two, with the sun shining out pleasantly though this morning was quite foggy and unpleasant. Anns health is very good and she is just like herself. I took her a Box of nice Apples when I was up last and we had a Birds nest Pudding a week ago to day. Harris and I were both there and of course we talked of all of you and thought of Home puddings &c. Mr Hale will no doubt tell you I intend paying you a visit in the Spring. it is not certain by any means, but probable I cannot say how many things might prevent my visit by that time. write often my Love to all Yours as ever

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