Letter #55
One sheet blue lined paper 7  x 10"

Dates: [Feb 1, 1859] & Feb 2, [1859]
Place: [Pacheco]
From: Ann
To: Mother

                    Dear Mother,

                                            I had just finished my letter to all of you and stepped into
the other room for an envelope when P- came in with a letter from C- containing yours of Dec. I could not resist the temptation of telling you how much I enjoyed it. Never say you dont write anything. there certainly never was anyone wrote a better letter than yourself. and please Mother dont ask me again if you shall write home 'trifles' as you call to me. They are not trifles to me but the dearest, best, news from a much loved distant home. I am so thankful that you write so much about home and ashamed that I dont write more to you. but Mother you can look back on the time when you had so many little ones and not much help, and I think you will excuse me. you know it is not for want of affection. I must tell you too that I am real proud of my Mothers letters. I do think you have a peculiar talent for writing. But it is supper time and I must stop.
Tuesday morning Feb 2        
                                                                  I have just time to     all well.
The weather is beautiful, a pleasant spring morning. Parker plowing, Guy driving, Dwight whistling and washing dishes. Clara, Sarah, & Jane sitting on the grass playing. I would keep this till I filled it but P- wishes me to get it ready and send to town by some one if I can as it would save him a trip to town on purpose to carry it. and time is precious now.  Much love to all.    Your aff      Ann.

P.S.  I am very glad Jane went to Toledo.
         hope she enjoyed her visit. write us an account of it.

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