Letter #56
One sheet blue lined paper 7¾ x 10”
Date: 4/1/1859
Place: Pacheco
From: Ann [Fassett Germain]
To: Mother [Mrs. C.H. Fassett]

Pacheco April 1 / 1859.
Dear Mother,
                      Mr Hale arrived March 30, quite well and glad to get back. He came the Tehauntepec route, and was detained 2 weeks by the non-connection of the boats. We were all pleased with our presents especially the pictures, I should have known John’s I think, and possibly Mary’s, but Harry I should never known. I have sometime seen a face that looked like his but I cant tell when or where. And dear little Willie does that look like him, that great boy with a coat on, and such round eyes. That picture dont look much like the little fellow running around with a dress on, when I saw him last. I have always wanted their pictures (those four) as they looked when I left, but did not want to see how they looked now for fear of feeling badly. When these came I could not look at them, but now am glad they were sent. Jane climbs up to the table and looking at my paper says, “Mama what ou witenin” Sarah answers “Witin to Gan’ma that I am coming there to make ha a bisit.” Sarah wants me to write you that she is going to visit you when she gets money enough, but cant live with you, because she has promised to keep house for Uncle ‘Hawis’ and he wouldn’t like it. Mary’s drawings are before me on the table. They are beautiful. I had no idea she could draw so well. Tell her Ann would have been just as proud of one, as Harris is. If my memory dont deceive Chitt was wishing one not long ago. We expect him up Monday. Sarah apologises for not sending me anything nicer. I prize her own work, and Jane’s too more than anything they could buy. It annoyed me much because I could not send you all something, but my own sewing, leaves me no time for anything else, and there was nothing here I could buy. Thanks to you for the papers. They come regular. Clara and Sarah were charmed with their presents, send their thanks to their Aunts and Cousins Kate and Ella. Sarah says she will play with Ella when she visits Gan ma. Harris came here to look at the presents with me. Oh how homesick he was. Wanted to go home so bad he could talk of nothing else. I am so afraid Chitt wont go and so sorry.
   But Harris wants this to put in his letter and must say Good bye and much love to all.        All well.
                                                                Yours truly
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