Letter #59
One sheet buff lined paper 8 x 9¾” folded in half to make four pages embossed in upper left corner
Date: 6/16/1859
Place: Pacheco
From: H. H. Fassett
To: Mrs C. H. Fassett

Pacheco June 16th 1859.   
   Mrs C H Fassett
                           Dear Mother.
                                             Yours of May 16th received yesterday and having a few moments of leasure devote it to writing to you. The day is very warm and trade dull as every body is in the midst of Wheat & Barley harvest and no body comes in to trade as long as they have anything to eat and wear but then for all that as a general thing we have enough to do to Keep us out of mischief and sometimes more than comes quite convenient to attend to for the time being.
I have changed my boarding place and now boarding at a Hotel immediately opposite our store have as good board as at Carothers and only 5 $ pr week

Begin page two

which is very cheap for this country and 2 $ less than I paid at the Drs and from 3 to 7 $ less than in the mines. Am in hopes Chit can make a visit home this fall or winter but think you had better not count too strong on it as we have been extending our business so he may not be able to get away still as soon as him and I or either or both of us can go home will do it and be glad of the chance although cannot think of going back there to live. Just received a letter from A. C- he is well and says he is quite busy. Tell Father we keep a Horse all the time and trade & buy & sell now & then have one now about the size of Cinderilla and only a little darker in color is very high lifed and a good goer got him and 100.$ in cash for the one I had before when I wrote you

Begin page three

about the horse. and a good spanish saddle & Bridle so he will see I've not forgotten all my horse knowledge but love them as dearly as ever. You spoke about going to scold me in your last why did not you do it? it would have been refreshing to me to have received a little by way of change as its been long since any body dared too.
                                             I hope Jefferson escaped the conflagration in Oshkosh as too well I remember the losing of my all & more too by one short ½ hour of fire and to have the toil & labors of years torn suddenly away and yourself beggared and worse is awful positively hard to bear altho' it didnot or couldnot make me cry or complain but how it makes one feel, Oh! kinder funny I assure you

Begin page four

     Enclosed you will find a letter from Ann which will give you all the news from her and family. All your acquaintances here are well and your own sonny so soish and can offer no particular excuses for not writing you often but you certainly can get one from the children as none of them write me only semi-occasionally and as they cannot excuse themselves to me they ought to for I and also let them all read these few lines and take a noble revenge on me by writing every mail I should like very much to see Rodney & family & Miss Hetty too. but as to what you think or wish to tell on me is more than I can imagine as I am free from all entangling alliances in any country Altho' I've been in some sharp engagements. Then Good bye

[Upon reaching the bottom of the fourth page Harris wrote the following sideways at the upper left corner of the first page.]

dear Mother and remember me as ever your Aff Son
H. H. Fassett

[The following is written upside down at the top of the first page.]

Love to Father & the children & all enquiring friends. Harris

[The following is written upside down at the top of the fourth page.]

Chitt here this evening and stayed about ½ an hour & is now gone.  H-

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