Letter #60
One sheet blue lined paper 7¾ x 9¾” embossed in upper left corner
Date: 6/19/1859
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: My Dear Mother

San Francisco 19th June
Mrs C. H. Fassett
                                      Granville, O.      My Dear Mother
of        was Rec' by last Steamer and forwarded to Ann and Harris. Was very glad to hear that you were all well. Think you are a first rate correspondent, and wish I could make my letters as interesting to you as yours are to us all you write we have an interest in and are always glad to hear about everything and every body while we run the risk of being considered egotistical as I have no subject to interest you except ourselves. Our climate and California are worn thread bare long since and as to persons living in this country we do not know much of them not as much generally as you would learn of their friends at home. Truman Fassetts family I have heard nothing from in a long time. presume you have later news than I have I was at Pacheco Thursday Evening but only staid half an hour did not go to see Ann as I was obliged to be at Martinez (5 miles) to be in time for the Steamer for this City that night. Saw Germain Dwight and Guy at the Store. Have been very busy lately haveing in addition to our present business lately opened another store in Columbia Tuolumne County about 200 miles from here. and are haveing a Ware House built at Pacheco. to be completed by 15th July when shall have two vessels to ply between there and here. I thought I was pretty busy before now but with this additional business you can imagine how much spare time I will have and after business hours I have my books to keep which I do myself. Sometimes I may miss writing you though I intend to write every Steamer. shall always expect to hear from you or some of you every mail. I had noticed the fire in Oshkosh before you wrote about. hope Jefferson has escaped loss, as I know how severe a loss by fire is to anybody and especially to a business man. You asked me if I had met with any Reverses that changed my intentions about coming home am very happy to say none. But I concluded I should lose a valuable season for business by going and I do not know how any one could take my place and fill it satisfactorily during the busy part of the year. Whenever I can see a few months of dull times for us I shall come. but cannot set a particular time just now, though I hope to come next Fall. Our Grain Crops are very heavy this year, all kinds of Fruit plenty, Cherries, currants, Gooseberries Raspberries and Strawberries are very plenty, as also all kinds of Garden Sass There is a kind of Strawberries here that are so large any person except one with a very open countenance would cut them in halves to eat them. They are truly a curiosity, and if I could send you one plate I should like it. as I cannot the next best thing is to eat a few on your account as I go home. Harris and Ann are well. H_ talks sometimes about going home and I hope next year he will be able to go. and leave something here to fall back on when he returns do not write him much about his coming, as soon as He thinks best for him, he will come. My best love to all. write often
Yours as ever Chittenden

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