The Fassett Letters - Letter #64
One folded sheet blue paper with four 7¾ x 9¾” pages (three lined).

Date: 7/19/1859
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

San Francisco July 19th/59
Mrs C H  Fassett
                         Granville Ohio
                                                  My Dear Mother
                                                                                 This being Steamer day and a very busy one I will not promise you much of a Letter have just been on a visit to Pacheco returned last night found all well there. Recd no Letter from you the last two mails. One from Father by Steamer two weeks Since which I answered by Overland and hope it may arrive safe in due time when I sent that I was quite unwell but have entirely recovered and fulfilling my usual duties Expect to go to Columbia where we have a Store this week. shall be away about one week after my return will tell you what I think of that Country. Business Rather dull just now but I cannot

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see much difference in my labor am obliged to go frequently to the Stores and when here of course must make up time lost as I have no person to attend to anything in my absence. The Crops of grain are very good here. This year and prices must be low. Fruit is also plenty and will no doubt be cheap Ann and Family all well also Harris and all friends. Recd a Letter by last mail from Mr S. R. Bennett was very glad to hear from him. Says if himself and Mrs B were not quite so old they would be inclined to see our Country, with which they have a very favorable opinion. I am inclined to think many who have near friends here would come if it were not they considered themselves too old. I do not think old people generally are as likely to be satisfied here as young and as

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their habits have become nearly Second nature to them and any thing so different they cannot get accustomed to the change, while the younger people soon get used to manners and customs here and cannot well go back to Steady Ohio or Iowa and be contented. Your Coaches move too slow for Californians. Please give me credit for a long and interesting letter and write very often to your Boy. My kindest regards to all friends. I send you a paper as usual by this mail
                                              As ever Yours

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