The Fassett Letters - Letter #65
One folded sheet cream lined paper, embossed Watman & Co. London making four 7¾ x 9¾” pages.

Date: 10/4/1859
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett
San Fran Oct 4th/59
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                            Granville O
                                              My Dear Mother
    One of your valued favors dated Sept 1st
was Received by last Steamer and since writing have one also from John by previous Steamer (which I will soon answer to him) for both of which I am very much obliged. They were forwarded to Ann and Harris. had intended to write you a long this time as I have neglected a mail or two you are so punctual in your correspondence I am ashamed to let more than one mail at a time go by without writing if only a short letter. To day has been an unusually busy day even for a Steamer Day that I am very tired and have a Letter to write to go by an early Express tomorrow morning you must excuse. You need not fear to annoy me with your details of Home matters they are of the greatest interest to me and also to Ann and Harris. all we know of you and your doings are by your own Letters, so every word about yourselves is read and reread and remembered, while what you may consider news is run over and soon forgotten. my answer to your suggestions in regard to Mary’s going to School you shall have in the shape of a Draft by next mail and always do as you think best about all such matters I have no opinion contrary to what you think is best, and do not when you need money for any purpose say you do not like to trouble me so often or so much. The only charm money has to me is what it will do for myself or my family. I do not call my little aid to you gifts but tis yours call on it as though it were in Bank, to your Credit. what I have you shall always share and my highest ambition is to have it for you I write this freely so as not to refer to it again. as long as we live our financial contract is on the last half of the preceding Page. But I have a proviso. in regard only to the next money I send and I will not allow any amendments to it, and nothing to interfere with it but sickness it is this Mary is to write me one Letter each month in future This is now our busy season and I presume Harris does not write often lately but he might often write more than he does I think. he looks upon writing a Letter as a Task so often neglects it when he should write. my business correspondence is so much that I do not mind spoiling a sheet or two of paper anytime, and in writing social letters I do often only spoil paper, as I fail to get much into them. We have so little news except you get in the papers that I scarcely attempt to give you any of that Though I fear the paper you will get with this will not have much in it, as there seems to be a calm since the elections and late Duels since writing you. Germain has an addition to his hands, of which you have no doubt heard from Ann. What they are going to call the young Gent I cannot say, Henry Clay — probably. I think I have mentioned before that I feel very proud of Anns Children. they are smart well behaved and well trained and fit to be shown anywhere. Harris is as usual, very much improved since he came to this country. is a worthy Son and good Brother, and will do well anywhere. as a Pill pedlar he never would have done anything and I am glad he abandoned it., and do not think he could be induced to try his fortune on the Prairies of Illinois again. My best love to all, not forgetting Uncle Elias and family. write often as usual and I will continue my pen and Ink Sketches, served raw.
    as ever Yours                 

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