The Fassett Letters - Letter #71
One sheet of buff paper, folded to make four 7¾ x 10” pages.

Date: 5/27/60
Place: San Francisco
From: Chittenden
To: Mrs. C. H. Fassett

San Fran May 27th/60
Mrs. C. H. Fassett
                                 Granville, O
                                                       My Dear Mother
I wrote you a few lines from
Aspinwall on my way out and also on my arrival here   John no doubt told you of my missing the Cars at Newark (I lost no time by it) but it was very lonely staying there thirty hours so near home. Still I would not have turned back after starting if I had not been half as far from home  Saturday Evening I took the cars of the C.O.R.R. at 5/2 P.M. went through west Zanesville in a skiff and arrived in Bellaire at 10 P.M. Staid untill 3 P.M. Sunday with Alfred & Gardiner on leaving I knew I could not pay Alf my bill but waited my opportunity and offered Mr G. pay but no go he said put that money back I take no pay from Dr Fassetts folks all he asks of any of us is never to go by him. I then took the Balt & O Road and arrived next morning in Baltimore missed connecting train for N.Y. and had to lay by 3 hours, but arr safely that Evening in N.Y. and sailed the next Friday noon. had good weather but a crowd and poor fare. but had a number of friends and passed the time pretty well and arrived here at 6 am two weeks ago to day. Hale came down next day and went home and Harris day or two after Hale told him that I was going down the coast to Los Angeles before going to Pacheco and he could not stand it. I left here on Friday 18th inst in Steamer “Senator” and arrived in Los Angeles in three days staid 4 days and returned arriving here last evening at 9 P.M. had a delightful trip enjoyed the scenery there very much. the whole or Los Angeles valley in under a high state of cultivation and I walked through miles of vineyards Orange groves (the fruit is perpetual) Figs Almonds Peaches Pears all kinds of Flowers &c in abundance. I had a number or acquaintances there so I was very busy attending to my business and enjoying myself. but I am very glad to get back here with a prospect of staying. and I am tired of traveling shall probably go to Pacheco in a few days but now can give you no word from there except all were well on the 17th I rec this morning a Letter from Uncle Saml dated 15th April. Was very glad to hear from him as I always am. I presume John is with him by this time. Harris looks and feels first rate. business has been dull since I have been away. but I think all has gone on well. and I am glad to find the Boys can got along as well without me I can go to see you again one of these days. I feel much better than while I was at home. think the trip done me good but I did not feel at any time while at home. I shall write you as usual and hope Mary & Jane as well as yourself will write often. My best love to all not forgetting Uncle and Aunt
                                                                                                     Yours as Ever

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