The Fassett Letters - Letter #72
One sheet of blue lined paper folded to make four 5 5/8 x 9 1/8 ” pages.

Date: July 8, 1860
Place: San Francisco
From: Chitt [Noah Chittenden Fassett]
To: Miss Jane Fassett [Chitt's sister]

San Fran July 8th /60
Miss Jane Fassett
                              Granville O
                                                  Dear Jennie
                                                                          You have not yet favored me with a sight of your chirography since I returned. but I hope this may pass yours on the way. Mary has written once and I send her an answer with this hoping they may find you all well and happy. John also wrote me. Pacheco is growing fast enough. in point of business it is now quite a place. our business seems to go on as usual. we had a Law suit pending in regard to a piece of land while I was home. The Law particularly in this country is very uncertain and though we had to my mind a very plain case I was very glad our persecutors withdrew their suit and paid up all the Cash even to our Lawyer fees to drop it. The Summer untill within two weeks has been very backward, but it rather an advantage to our Crops than otherwise as they mature generally too rapidly. Fruits are plenty and nice. Straw Berries immense wish I could astonish your Eyes and appetite with some of them. Do you think Doct D- has yet satisfied himself that I am away Mary says he has been up to see and staid and looked about him a day or two. he has not yet fulfilled his promise to write to me. hope he may do it soon. give him my regards and jog his memory. shall expect to hear soon from you in regard to approaching events I am just getting through with being bored with the question did you got married &c and hope people will sleep as soundly as if I had and I will try and do the same and when I must face the music do it with as good a grace as possible. Jane if you need any money let me know immediately and you shall have it. My best Love to all, not forgetting Aunt Delia and Lida if they are not gone.
        “Good night again Good night ”
                          Yours Truly
                                                  Chitt n
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