The Fassett Letters - Letter #73
One sheet of cream paper folded to make four sheets 75/8 x 93/4" embossed in upper left corner "Congress/G&T Mfg, Co."

Date: August 5, 1860
Place: San Francisco
From: [Noah] Chittenden [Fassett]
To: Mrs. C. H. Fassett [Mother]

San Frano Augt 5 / 60
Mrs C.H. Fassett
Granville O
My Dear Mother

Your last letter was Received while I was at Pacheco and handed over to Ann
and forgotten. so I cannot acknowledge it as to date. But I know it is time to answer it and to expect another and I also owe John a Letter written about the same time   I am settled in the same rooms I left and in the same routine of business and it does not seem that I have been away except when I think how much I enjoyed seeing you all. only for so short a time that was the only drawback. I am often at Pacheco now go with my horse and Buggy on the Steamer to Oakland ten miles and then a splendid drive twenty Five miles to Pacheco was there a few days ago and came home to Breakfast so it seems very near. They are all well now Parker was unwell for two weeks but is now better. Harris was grunting a little too but is well now. we have enlarged our Store, and are building another large Ware House which will be completed in a few days. Our harvest is fully one month later than usual and I might as well as not staid another month had I have known it. Grain is coming in now pretty freely and we consider now that we are fairly embarked in our busy season. and hope a profitable one. that however depends to a certain extent upon ourselves. We are not afraid to work and risk our chances upon Industry and economy. Ann and family are well. Truman's folks I have not heard from since I returned. Our crops are abundant this season but are bringing very low prices. I have Recd two papers from Logan. Suppose they came from Doct Dalton. I have forgotten his initials give them to me if you please but dont tell him he will think it strange of me. Recd a Letter from Mary which I answered and hope she will write soon again if not already. we are having rather unpleasant weather the winds being unusually strong. but it won't last much longer I hope. Fruit of all descriptions is very plenty and cheap everybody can have all they want. You will no doubt miss two papers. Steamer did not take mails for two trips my kindest regards to all Uncle Elias family and love to all our folks hoping to hear from you often
I am as ever
Do you want any money?

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