The Fassett Letters - Letter #75
One sheet of cream paper folded to make four pages 7¼ x 9½”

Date: Sept. 10, 1860
Place: Pacheco
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Mrs C.H. Fassett
Pacheco Cal Sept 10th 1860
    Mrs. C.H. Fassett
                              Cox Ohio
                                         Dear Mother
                                                    As to when I wrote you last I cannot say As to when I shall write the next do not know and as to the time when I shall come home (as you say) cannot tell. I had thought of leaving home and making you a visit this winter but do not see much chance for doing now. I am this year staying in the Warehouse as Superintendent have 3 to 5 men to work and make a hand myself and at this time I handle 100 to 125 lb Sacks of Grain all day do not feel much like writing more than my warehouse Books by night and then going to bed to get up and go through with the same routine next day and to day being sunday I stay at home to write some letters of which yours is the first. The next one will be to Julia Fassett Sacramento

[Begin sheet two]

and by the way Miss Mary Fassett ought to write to her she talks incessantly about her and old times and wishes much to hear from her. And Father Truman would think more to hear from you by Letter than any other Man. Now if you will not write to me please write to him. Ann and Family all well and would be glad to make you a visit if the means were forthcoming.
                                                               I presume Jane got my note I really had no time to write more then and somehow or rather you all seem so near to me I know you will overlook my shortcomings and delinquencies and remember I am but mortal. One thing if I cannot find time to visit you I have the pleasure of thinking of you all often and when I do make one shall feel able to spare the money for the trip. Fun is fun mother and if I can have any along the rugged paths of life I am going to and always enjoy my laugh Rich or Poor and intend too. I have some notion of - Yes I believe I will invite you all to my Wedding. the time is not yet sett but then it

[Begin sheet three]

may be some time or rather If at the time, I should be so engrossed by my fair enchantress as not to write you in time consider this a standing invitation and come along and you shall be welcome in Shanty or Big House.
If you happen to know of an eligible situation where a good Cook and loving husband are considered equivalent to lovely maidens stays – Hoops – Rouge &c &c let me know as I am looking around and in the market for leap Year
Your Affc Son            
H H Fassett
Master Willie Fassett
                                  You cannot tell how much I would give to see you or how much I hated to leave you behind when I went to Illinois but it had to be done. Now if you cannot write yet hurry and learn and I will answer as many letters as you send me. Be a good Boy and take care of the Horses - Dog - and other stock for when I come home I should like to see how

[Begin sheet four]

that you can do such things as well as any one
       Harry W. Fassett
                                 I do not know but what being the oldest I am to blame for not having written you before this if so here goes for clearing my skirts I want to have you set down and write me a good long letter as soon as you get this tell me about some of your fine times who you associate with and any little or great items in your daily life. How fast the horses can trot who owns the best one in the county how the Blood Cattle look the farm produces and how many of the different kinds of grasses and seeds of all kinds you have on it, and the cost per acre to raise &c &c and when I get it I will figure up and see the difference of the cost of the same things here and write you accordingly     write soon and I remain as ever
Your Aff Brother
                          H H Fassett

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