The Fassett Letters - Letter #90
One sheet of blue lined paper folded to make four 7¾ x 9¾” pages

Date: March 5, 1862
Place: Aboard the Steamer “Panama” in the Gulf of California
From: NC Fassett
To: Mrs. CH Fassett

Str “Panama” March 5th 1862    
In Gulf of California                   
    Mrs C.H. Fassett
                             Granville Ohio
                                                  Dear Mother I am now on my way home from Lower California and now (4 P.M. Wednesday) we are in sight of Mazatlan where we will remain a day or two then we sail for San Francisco where we will arrive probably 15th  or 16th march. and I will not be sorry having been gone since Jany 1st/62 a day or two ago received the first letters since I have been away giving details of our losses at Pacheco which seem to be considerable I had heard from a ship Captain of our loss but he knew no particulars, having read of it in the papers. even now I can hardly imagine so much devastation & waste as the papers represent., and to read my own account of the height of the water at Pacheco seems incredible. I do not fret a moment at our loss because it was some

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no foresight could prevent. so you must not mourn but think all is for the best. I have a rough but delightfull trip. when on land I have ridden on mule back 50 to 60 miles a day, over a country you folks at home would not think an animal could go ten miles a day Water is very scarce there so we carry a leather bottle of water some hard bread and Panoche (a kind of sugar) and a pair of Blankets. then we are prepared to camp when we please. I recommend this life to those who cannot sleep in a good bed. The sun is very hot and if you would see me now and hear me talk Spanish you would be sure I was a regular Greaser (Mexican) I have a very uncomfortable place to write (on my knee) and I soon go on shore so you must not expect much of a letter. but when I get home will give you a better account of my trip. you can tell by

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my marks when the “Ship” Rolls. My letter from Hale says Ann has a little son which I presume you will have heard of before now but I mention it in case the overland mail should fail as it may on account of storms I am anxious to hear from you my last news I received was a Letter from John just as I was going on board of the Steamer Jany 1st starting on this trip. have had no opportunity to answer but will as soon as I get home I hope you are all well and getting along nicely I am perfectly delighted with the climate of Lower California & Mexico. Italy has lost the palm if all her praise has been sung. and this is the richest agricultural & mineral country in the world. dinner is ready and then ashore. write often Love to all. I am well much better than before in two years
         Yours truly Chittenden

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