The Fassett Letters - Letter #89
One sheet of cream lined paper folded to make four 5 x 8¼” pages and a half sheet making two more pages

Date: Mar 2, 1862
Place: Pacheco
From: H.H. Fassett
To: Mother, Father, Sister

Pacheco Cal March 2d 1862

     Mrs C. H. Fassett
                                  Granville Ohio
                                                          Dear Mother                                          
                                                                               Yours of Dec 20th 1861 lies before me and was not received until a few days ago then I wrote you immediately and having nothing to do to day concluded I might as well write you again to make up for lost time either in the past or the future and furthermore to assure you that when nothing else more urgent engages my attention will write to my Mother. As to taking the world easier I do as easy as I can do you not all know how lazy you always called me well I hold my own even

Begin p. 2

if I do not have many leasure moments and you can rest assured I will not do more than I can do by steady application and Sundays are now my resting days, so I think to hold out finely and mean now to write you all oftner in future Chitt is not yet back from Low- Cal expect him back in 15 or 20 days. our Coal Mines are not doing anything yet but we expect to get into coal this spring. If we do you may look from west to east and expect to see me home in 5 years. Well the Irish Gal failed next try a Dutch one you will get one after awhile that will answer the purpose. So you are coaled sufficiently for one winter and I should not wonder if you had cold enough for 2 or 3 winters Write often and oblige
Yours Truly   Harris

Begin p. 3

    Dear Father
                       Although you never write to me yet I will once again write you and hope to receive a good long answer even if it only says “Son I am well Yours, Dad.”  You no doubt hear from me semi occasionally by Mother or your children. Well we have just had the wetest season in Cal since it was settled by Americans 49 & 52 are no where millions of property has been carried away and almost every body has suffered therefrom Sacramento and the great Valleis of Sacramento and San Joaquin have been under water nearly all winter and many people have lost their lives in some places Houses and whole families in them have been swept down the raging streams people powerless to help them.

Begin p. 4

I thought I d seen floods I knew I d heard of them but “lo! the half had not been told me.” Enough to give you any adequate idea of a real California flood would fill a volume and so I will leave the subject hoping never to see another one for they are terrific. I tell You Father Nellie is doing fine you would hardly Know her now she is one of the heaviest stifled horses I ever saw and if she dont go next summer then there is no use trying to get trotting Horses. Give my love to all enquiring friends especially Uncle Elias & Aunt Jerusha, Amanda Frank & Children and you and Willie must write me soon and believe me ever Your affSon
H H Fassett

The following was written at the top of page 1.

Who did J Peck marry & when?

Begin p. 5

Pacheco Cal March 2d 1862
    Miss Mary Fassett
                                 Granville Ohio
                                                  Dear Sister       
                                                                   At last I received a real bona fide letter from you and hasten to answer that same I am 1000 or more times obliged to you for it and hope now you have began that I shall receive a dose now and then from you just to keep me from forgetting my little sister Mollie, Ghu!!! As to your excuses for not writing they of course are satisfactory and ample I know you are all busy at home all the time and even visiting is busy business when followed the year round nothing like doing all you do do with your might mind & strength

Written vertically along the right edge of p. 5

“turn over & oblige”

Begin p. 6

Oh! dear Mary your private affairs I ask not to pry into I do not wish others to interfere with mine and if you & Norm are or are not – why of course I’ll write to John about him please excuse me Mary, I shall write to John next week will that do little Sis. What is the use of the Boys trying to get married just to make a wedding in the family pshaw they cant find anybody will have them as to the Lady on the wall of course I put it there and I too send my love in return. I hope she will not get lonesome or have the back ache by reason of her suspension for, for many years she may have to stay on that perch and the Pin may wear out. write soon to Bub

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