The Fassett Letters - Letter #96
Two sheets of blue, lined paper making four 7¾ x 9¾” pages

Date: May 15, 1862
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett

San Frano  May 15th/62
Mrs C. H. Fassett
Granville, O. My Dear Mother
We have Recd nothing from you for some time but do not think very strange
of it as there is laying on the Road between here and St Joseph Thirty Thousand letters bound this way and Twenty three thousand for the States the Overland Mail Co say the Indians have stolen their horses. The first States mail is due from New York by Sea to day and hereafter we shall have a weekly mail by Water. which is slow but more certain. We are very much elated with the late war news and hope the Telegraph will keep ticking the same joyfull tune we get news in the Evening papers

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of doings the previous day so when the Telegraph is in operation we are in point of news as near as you are but sometimes the wire is down for a week at a time. then the suspense is awfull. On the 30th day of April I enclosed in a Letter to John Sather & Church Dft on New York for One hundred & fifty Dollars. Enclosed find the Second in case of loss of the first. business is getting pretty good again and we hope gradually to make up our losses by flood &c. there are great numbers of people going to the new mines of Cariboo & Salmon River country. how they will succeed remains to be seen I am glad of the rush for the good of the country as wherever a Crowd of California Miners go they develop that section and this city is interested of course in the whole Coast. and there are rich mines from

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the North Pole to the Equator. and I am just now beginning to think that this Coast is not yet prospected. While ever since I came to this country the cry has been the mines are giving out. in one meaning of the word it was true. they have been giving out wealth every day. and more and more every year. I have not been to Pacheco lately but hear from there nearly every day. always consider them well unless they write someone was sick. Our weather is now very pleasant seemingly trying to make amends for the bad weather of the winter. Went to hear your Rev Mr Cheney preach a few evenings since. he is quite a smart man has a fine Church and Congregation I used to live close by it but now I am about a mile and a half away. from your house to town is about same distance but I do not think half as much walking

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twice as far in the City. I have not heard from Truman Fassetts family since I returned from Mexico. I have quit Smoking. It was very hard work but I made up my mind I would quit. and it was done. but it made me sick for several days I shall expect Letters now regularly by the Steamer, from Mary, John and yourself. somebody ought to give me pretty nearly one each mail. My best Love to all, of course including Uncle & family. Am anxious to hear how Aunt Jerusha is. I fear she will not live long

Write often
Yours truly

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