The Fassett Lettters - Letter #95
One sheet of cream, lined paper folded to form four 7¼ x 9¼” pages

Date: May 13 & 18, 1862
Place: Pacheco
From: Harris H. Fassett
To: Mrs. C.H. Fassett
Pacheco Cal May 13th 1862            

Mrs C H Fassett
Granville Ohio
Dear Mother
One year ago to day and I was with you at Granville preparing to leave for
another indefinite period of time and our lives have been graciously spared since that time and no doubt we also have our full share of earthly happiness for in such a changeful world as this we cannot look for all bliss and each one has their own skeleton to pack through life, many of us envying another who seems most happy and blest but whose burthen may be really much greater than our own, and if we were only in their situation we might faint by the way. As I look around the world and see so many people that are apparently much heavier tasked than me I feel that, that I cannot do with what they have to undergo I should certainly give up. Yet each year I find more to bear and a better strength to carry it out. And so I conclude “sufficient unto the day &c,” “Act well your part,” and I will try to do it.

Begin second page

May 18th. I was too tired to write more on last sunday evening and so retired. Yesterday was Fathers Birthday if I remember right I hope he was well. My one year was up last Thursday since I left home how many more will intervene I can not tell but I hope you one and all will write me often and tell me all the news. I have not received but one letter since February from any of you presume you have written but that your letters are detained in the Overland route hope they will come in some time, until that is resumed think you had better write by Steamer one leaves New York now every week and you will have no excuse for a sure conveyance. we have been all this spring fixing up our store have got nearly done and trade is brisking up considerable. we shall try and do our part to carry on the business of the world and make few extra dollars for our friends. Money in itself is of very little good, but as an adjunct and assistor of our own family is very necessary and useful. I have often thought that it was a good thing I was born poor for I am naturally indolent and without the absolute necessity for exertion think I never would have done any thing as it is I manage to keep busy.  ——

Begin third page.

Our spring has been very backward and as yet we have had no warm weather but to day it looks much more like summer and people are just beginning to cut hay which is a month later than any year since I have been in the state.
I have written you several times lately
and if you do not get my letters I shall be sorry for it is a good deal of a task to write when you are pretty certain your letters may never arrive as has been the case this last winter. Have you had much sleighing this last winter and has your health been good, is Mary also getting well it seems as if our family were all bound to have their share of sickness as well as fun. John I hope is getting along finely with the Farming and that he will write me more often than he has the past year tell him I would like to have him write me a history of his 3 months soldiering and tell me how all the young men of my acquaintance who went and have now gone soldiering
got along &c, and what Regiments they are in so I can watch their movements. It seems as if this season ought to close this suicidal war and Jeff Davis &co be hung (pro bono publico) or by the neck.

Begin fourth page.

Father some how or rather it does seem to me as if you could write as good long a letter as any body, will you not sit down and write one to your son. I hear from Trumans family quite often and they all send abundance of love to you. T- says he would give almost anything to see you all and talk over old times. I expect Julia will be down and make us a visit this summer and then I will write you more fully about them. Lewis’s wife had a Boy. Julia says the prettiest one she ever saw. Remember me particularly to Uncle and Aunt Fassett I mean to write them soon as I get time for really we are all very busy and can only write Sunday evenings. Tell Kate she owes me a letter and I am waiting for it Remember me to Dr Dalton and family tell Em I’ve her pin cushion yet but never the letter has she written me since I left and I am waiting for one. And now Mary owes me a letter and how is Harry he’s in my debt one also. Willie how are you. with love to all and I do not forget Amanda either or Ella & Franks. I remain Your Aff Son
H. H. Fassett                

Written vertically along the upper right corner of the first page.
    If my letters are
not sober enough, write
me and I’ll give them
an extra portion

Written upside down along the top of the first page.

    Can you tell me anything
     of Alma & Alfred Munson
    Yours H

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