The Fassett Letters - Letter #100
One sheet of cream, lined paper 7¾ x 10” written on one side

Date: Sept 19, 1862
Place: San Francisco
From: Noah Chittenden Fassett
To: John Fassett 
San Frano Sept 19/62

John Fassett Esq
             Granville, O.   My Dear Bro

                                           I shall send you by the next Steamer which leaves here the First day of October, a draft for $1000 — probably on New York Cty to pay on your land. You ought to receive it I presume by the 27th or 28th October. I will send by the Str the First of Exch and by Overland Mail the Second so you will be sure of getting them. I did intend to write a long letter this Mail but  to day do not find the time. All are well. My best Love to all. We have within 3 days subscribed $106,000,, to (One Hund & Six Tho Dolls) to the Patriotic Fund relief Committee.) and will get enough to make $200,000 in this City. Who says we are not loyal this City gave $150,000– to Sacramento Sufferers last winter too. My Love to all. write often  Your Bro  Chittenden

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