The Fassett Letters - Letter #29

Date: 7/2/56
Place: Placerville
From: H.H. Fassett
To :Sis Sallie [Sarah], Mother, Father, John, Mary, Harry, Willie

Placerville July 2d 1856

                       “Dear Sis-Sallie”
                                              Here am I all alone, down at the table trying to make a few intelligible sentences for your especial benefit  altho you “are a Gall no more nothing but an old Woman.” And I flatter myself I could find some young Ladies who would be glad to receive some of my effusions once in a while when at some uncommonly lonely hour they had no other folly or fashionable foible to amuse themselves with; So Dear Old Woman (Does “Him” call you old Woman yet) I hope you will appreciate my sacrifises and give me credit for the same. And if I am the only one who writes you this mail do not be offended as Ann has no time & Chit is at the Bay, and to serve you right I should only answer your “Item’ on Pens,” that I hav’nt seen a Goose Quil one in Cala~
                                           How do you like “home again” now you’ve been away so long? and would you like to see the “Thorn in your side” Oh! methinks I hear you ans no  I’ve torments enough without “him.”
                                                                   So Good bye Sallie,
From your lovin Brother
                                         H. H. Fassett

[Begin p. 2]
                              Dear Mother
                                            I am very glad that you at least always feel as if you could write a few lines to us out here often and can say that I shall always do my best to answer your letters promptly no matter how inefficient they are.
                             But then Mother “Wig jirking” is rather a serious affair and shouldn’t be treated lightly. And Aunt Delia and Sarah how could they laugh so O. O. O —
        We are all getting middling and business is favorable for plenty of exercise so that I am not getting any Lazier than I used to be. and I assure you, I’m getting quite steady now am a model of propriety and business habits so if any of my steady friends enquire of me please report as favorably as you can. As for my coming home I think it will be sometime first and when I do I will tell you some funny stories as observations have filled my laughing & fun Bumps full and have no place or time or inclination to empty the same until in the Home circle I may amuse and I hope instruct you all in relation to this country.
                                                                             I have so much to think of and attend to Mother, that I can hardly write anything for want of news to write that will be interesting to you. as my mind is so employed that many things which would be interesting to you escapes my notice. Hoping you will write often and blessed with health & every comfort of life I remain Your Aff Son

 [Begin p. 3]

                  Dear Father
                                   When I began this letter I thought I would fill the whole sheet to Sarah, but being unable to find or think of any thing to write to her that would be interesting concluded to make a Family letter and write a few lines to you all.
          We are all well and getting along some better than could do in the states and will do the best we can and try and come home and see you all as soon as we can get away without sacrifiseing too much Business brisk at present and have about as much as can attend to without more help and do not think that will pay. How is the folks all, in Johnstown, Granville & around relatives & Grand Mother Fassett especially. tell her that I hope to see her well and hearty on my return to Ohio. Give my Best Wishes to Uncle Elias & Thomas's folks and tell them I would like much to hear from them. Do you practise much now? Well Father Medicine is out of my line and if you was here I think you would be satisfied & have abundant proof that it is never best to bias a childs mind in respect to the pursuits of life or profession which they may adopt for a livelyhood. I am well satisfyed that this is my business & like it and when am able will be sure to return to Ohio (Home) Write me about your Stock & all little matters & how Peter looks & performs. Good bye God bless you Father. Good night
H. H. Fassett          

 [Begin p. 4]

                   Now John Fassett Esq
                                                     They tell me you are a young man head & shoulders taller than I, and that you are tolerably smart so considered &c &c well if that is the case please take a little time & just drop me a line and in that concentrate some of it that I may be able to judge your attainments and have the satisfaction of receiving at least 10 words once in 2 or 3 years from you especially when I have written you 2 or 3 times now do.
H. H. says so.          
                             Miss Mary
                                           I suppose as you are a school Miss I must mind my Ps & Qs and in order to do it will write no more until I hear from you
                             Harry, you must remember to tell Jane all the news when she comes home and that I think often of her, and you must work & study hard so as to grow up a good & wise man. But the Girls say youre quite a Beaux, is that so?
                                    “Be a good boy & take care of yourself” hurry, study fast or Guy will beat you. feed Roll Buckeye & Peter Colt for me and bye & bye what fine times we will have.
from your Brother                                                    
Harris H. Fassett                    

[written vertically across face of letter to John]

Received Jane’s letter today. All well.

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